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liberty county sheriffs department makes several changes


As you may remember, back in March, 2011, Sheriff Patterson unveiled the Department’s new Web Site.  This new, modern feature to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office helped bring services and information to the fingertips of citizens here in Liberty County.  The main push of this web site was to allow people to see from the comfort of their own home, what the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office does on a daily basis, while also answering questions which citizens might have about services offered by the LCSO which have a direct impact of them and their families.

Tuesday, a new feature was added to our web site.  This feature is titled on the left side of the home page, fourth tab down, as Online Reporting Service.  This new feature is specifically designed to help citizens and the Sheriff’s Office better serve our community by allowing citizens to actually file, complete and even supplement a minor, misdemeanor report.  Some of the titles whereby a report could be filed with this feature are, Burglary of a Coin Operated machine, Harassing Telephone Call, Identity Theft, Lost Property, Some Thefts and Vandalism crime under $1500.00 damage or loss. Persons wishing to use this feature should, as always, read the instructions carefully before completing.  Should you decide to use this new feature, you will receive a case number from the LCSO and a copy of your report will immediately be sent to your e-mail as confirmation of your entry. Additional features remain on the site, such as our successful 10 most wanted page, anonymous crime stopper tip page and information regarding fines and fees for civil process, records and criminal warrants.

Some may have already heard about our Emergency Communications Center which is undergoing a complete replacement.  This new system offers the newest technology in Emergency Communications and will enable the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office to better answer the thousands of calls for service we receive annually and dispatch the appropriate agency, personnel and equipment.

In the month of May, Sheriff Patterson authorized Captain Evans and two Criminal Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office to travel to the City of Houston Police Department, Homicide Division. Once there they met with the members of the “Cold Case Squad” in reference to the Capital Murder Case of Liberty County Deputy Sheriff Will Agy who was shot and killed in the course of a Aggravated Robbery in the City of Houston.  While this is a “old” in terms of a criminal case, the painful memories have always remained with Deputy Agy’s family and friends.  The Houston Police Department has reopened this case at the LCSO’s request allowing new aspects of the case to be reviewed along with some new testing of evidence which was not available at the time this case was originally open. 

Keeping in mind the lessons learned while visiting with the Houston Police Department Homicide Division, upon returning to Liberty County, with the encouragement and approval of Sheriff Patterson, Captain Evans met with all of the Criminal Investigators of the LCSO and determined there were seven (7) open Homicide Cases “on the books” here in Liberty County.  All of the Criminal Investigators, combined with over 100 years of Law Enforcement experience, gathered for one day and reviewed one of the old cases.  New aspects were observed in the course of this meeting which developed into a decision to re-open the case and investigate further.  This particular case involved the murder and recovery of the bodies of two juvenile females near Highway 59 and C.R. 332 over a decade ago.

This singular event has triggered the decision to once a quarter,  revisit these old Homicide cases by the professional men and women of the Criminal Investigations Division of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.  While there is no “Cold Case Squad” within the Sheriff’s Office, the determination of the Investigators to review and possibly reopen and solve one or more of the cases and brought new light to these  older, “cold” cases.

Times are tough and here in Liberty County, there is no exception.  Sheriff Patterson is mindful of the budget constraints which we here at the LCSO are facing.  However, this does not preclude Deputies and Investigators from finding new ways to maximize our efforts with the minimal amount of resources. There was new shifts and programs in place within the Sheriff’s Office which deploy personnel at various intervals to combat criminal activity from a pro-active stance rather than a re-active stance. All of these efforts require a great deal of dedication from the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office and each employee here has and will continue to strive and find new, more efficient measures to better serve our community.

In closing, as always, the Sheriff’s Office continues to require information and help from citizens who observe suspicious or criminal activity.  We encourage everyone to call 9-1-1 to report a crime in progress and should you be aware of any suspicious or criminal activity in your area to please contact us at (936) 336-4500 or utilize our web site located at using the Crime Stopper Tab.

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