February 1, 2023 1:40 pm

Posted: 16.10.2011 14:15

liberty county sheriff’s department phone system crash

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has experienced a serious equipment malfunction with the aging telephone system at the main Sheriff’s Station located at 2400 Beaumont Avenue in Liberty.  Early Saturday, technicians determined the Voice Mail was completely inoperable and all voice messages were lost and the auto recording system was affected as well.

The Sheriff’s Office is attempting to work with the telephone provider, however, there may be some delays or complications experienced by callers until the telephone system can be repaired or replaced.  As indicated earlier, this telephone system is the original telephone system of the Sheriff’s Office when it was built many years ago and the older technology is failing under the high call demands and twenty-four hour a day usage experienced by the older, out-dated, telephone system.

Anyone who needs to contact the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number (936) 336-4500, should you experience difficulty in reaching anyone please hang up and try the call again.  Should anyone have any EMERGENCY CALL, please call 9-1-1 which will still ring into the LCSO Emergency Communications Center.

The Sheriff’s Office apologizes to anyone affected by this technical problem, however, please understand, this equipment failure is due to the aging and older technology which simply cannot keep up with the extremely high call volume the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office experiences on a daily basis.  Additionally, citizens are urged to try and  utilize the LCSO’s interactive Web Site, located at                           ( www.libertytxsheriff.com ) and go to the tab required for assistance.

As soon as this system can be repaired or replaced the LCSO will issue an update on this matter.