Wednesday, September 27, 2023



3 pm

Todays off and on heavy rain has not created any significant issues, however, it has certainly kept the Trinity River from receding as quickly as we would like.

Currently the Livingston Dam release remains at 48,200 cfs and the Trinity River has crest throughout Liberty County. 

The Romayor gauge is reading 34.1, which is down substantially from the 40 foot  crest we saw here earlier this week.

Liberty remains in major flood stage at 29.51, down  slightly from the crest of 29.91 yesterday.

Moss Bluff is showing 15.07, which is slightly lower than it’s crest of 15.2.

The forecast is calling for continued heavy rounds of rain tonight and tomorrow, with clearing beginning sometime late Sunday or Monday.  As long as these rains move quickly across the area, runoff will not be an issue, however, if the storms stall over the area, it will certainly exaggerate our flooding situation.

The Trinity River Basin above Lake Livingston is full, with flood waters from the upper reaches slowly making their way downstream.  We will not see the first of this water for a week or so and we will monitor conditions closely.  Trinity River Authority officials are working to get the level down at Lake Livingston and we believe the incoming water will not cause a significant increase in the dam release.  As usual mother nature is in charge so we will watch and report out as conditions warrant.

The American Red Cross has two shelters open for flood victims, one at Calvary Baptist Church , 816 North Blair in Cleveland and another at the Jack Hartel / Liberty County Shelter Building, 318 San Jacinto Street in Liberty.

Residents that have elected to stay in their homes need to make certain they have their own supplies such as food , water and medicine.   Most folks staying in their elevated homes in the flood plain continue to travel by boat to their vehicles located on the high side,  and then into town for supplies. Stores and restaurants remain  open and unaffected by the flood along the Trinity River.

Should you need assistance getting out of your home to go to the shelter, please call the Liberty County Sheriffs Department at 936-336-4500 x 1 and they will dispatch the appropriate fire department for your area. This MUST be done in daylight hours. No non-emergency missions will be conducted after dark.

The Liberty County Office of Emergency Management will monitor throughout the weekend and update as necessary.

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