At approximately 8:30 am on Thursday, a worker for Sam Houston Electric Cooperative was on the job cutting down a tree.  As the tree was coming down, it was reportedly re-directed by a power line (changing the tree’s course).  As the tree was falling, it caught the power line.  SHECO worker Yancy Williams, of Livingston tried to move out of the area of danger, but didn’t make it in time and a large branch from the tree landed on Williams.  Emergency personnel called for a Air Medical, but due to weather conditions a helicopter was not available.  Williams was transported by ambulance to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston with serious injuries.  Among other injuries, Williams reportedly suffered a large laceration to the head, and spinal injuries.  According to sources, the spinal injuries are not causing paralysis or numbing.  Williams is reportedly in stable condition at this time.  In addition to working for SHECO, Yancy Williams is also a volunteer fireman for Livingston Fire Department and a combat veteran of Iraq.

  1. There is much expense to property and also many people who are hurt and killed by dead trees and limbs falling. They aren’t working on them–just walking or standing under them. Can’t imagine not getting rid of dead trees on their property. If you can’t afford professionals, get a chain saw and get busy. It could happen to you. There’s nothing to hold the tree together after it dies, just like when people die. Their bodies fall apart. Get rid of those dead trees.

  2. Not sure what happened in this case…..but I know when trees are dead or have rotten areas inside them that can’t be seen, then falling them accurately is difficult. When the rotten area gives way unexpectedly then the direction of fall that was intended can change quickly. Very dangerous.
    Prayers to Mr. Williams and his family.

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