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Logs and fuel unloaded unexpectedly

CLEVELAND- Police say a log truck was going too fast when it entered a curve and turned over, spilling its load. The incident occurred around 4 p.m. on Wednesday when the truck, owned by C.T. Logging of Coldspring, was southbound on FM 1725 about two miles north of Hwy 105 when the crash occurred.

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Driver Ray Roberts, 46, was cited for driving at an unsafe speed and warned about having two hard and expired license plates on the truck.

According to DPS Trooper Boyd Lamb, the owner had a 144 hour permit, which made having hard tags illegal. Lamb said many commercial truck owners opt for the 144 hour permits instead of registering the trucks because it costs less, provided the truck only operates for a week or so each month.

The truck fueled up just prior to going to New Waverly to pickup his load and made quite a mess when it was overturned. The Cleveland Fire Department responded and contained the diesel fuel leak until Milstead Hazmat Team arrived and began to clean up the spill.

No one was injured and FM 1725 was reduced to one lane for several hours.

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