December 5, 2022 6:30 pm

Posted: 20.9.2009 13:00

Lucky bikers survive potentially fatal crashes

There were a couple of lucky motorcyclists over the weekend, who could have been killed but were not seriously injured in collisions.

On Friday night, a woman was pulling out of the Valero gas station on FM 1485 at Old Houston when she was struck by a motorcycle. The bike stuck in the front wheel area without falling over or ejecting the driver, who sustained only a minor leg injury.

The second incident occurred Sunday afternoon on US 59 at Roman Forest, when a Honda Goldwing motorcycle slammed on it’s brakes in front of a log truck from Cleveland. The truck struck the motorcycle in the rear, causing it to veer to the left, striking a car in the left lane, and then bouncing back to the right. The driver was conscious and talking when he was loaded into an ambulance.