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Magnolia man killed in overnight crash

Just after 11 p.m. Friday night, Texas Department of Public Safety, Harris County Sheriff’s Office and Rosehill Fire Department personnel responded to a motor vehicle collision at the intersection of Spencer and Sanders where they found a 2007 Chevy Diesel ¾ ton pickup nearly 100 feet off the road and into the woods.

Robert Smith, Jr., 36, of Magnolia was pronounced dead on the scene.

Realizing the location was just inside Montgomery County, they contacted Montgomery County. It might have been days before the wreckage was found, since the trees seemingly closed in around the crash obstructing the view from the road, but a woman heard the truck brake and then crash into the woods.

It was noted that a stop sign at the “T” shaped intersection had been stolen and two other signs indicating the end of the road had been knocked down for what appeared to be a long time, since they were covered by brush that had grown over them. The only remaining warning that the road did not continue on the other side, was an arrow sign at the end of the road. Smith’s family was on scene and said he traveled the road frequently, so there is no way of knowing if the missing signs played a role in his death.

The truck was so mangled and so deeply buried that it took two hours to remove it from the woods and another hour for the Magnolia and Rosehill Fire Departments to cut Smith out of it.



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