October 1, 2022 7:21 am

Posted: 6.3.2011 22:53


Just after 6:30p.m. Sunday evening New Caney Fire Department responded to a major accident on Johnson Road near Loop 494. When the y arrived the found a 2005 Dodge pickup had left the roadway and slammed into a tree. The driver, thirty-year old James Volonnino was not trapped in the vehicle but would not cooperated with firefighters or medics. He received some small cuts but was extremely combative and belligerent.  After almost forty-five minutes they were able to load him and transport him th Conroe Regional Hospital.

The truck struck the pine tree with such force that it knocked the top out of the tree and bent the trucks frame.

A witness said the driver lived on his street and had spun his truck in the cul-de-sac then sped off down the road. Moments later the crash was heard.

DPS is investigating the crash. LaBuff Towing removed the vehicle from the homeowners yard as they surveyed the damage to their trees and shrubs.

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