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Major Meth Ring Shut Down – 19 Arrested

Walker County Sheriff Clint McRae announces the arrest of 19 suspects for their roles in a methamphetamine distribution operation working in Walker County. The joint investigation included Federal and State authorities.

During the course of this joint investigation, two methamphetamine trafficking organizations supplying Walker County and the surrounding area were identified dismantled and their members were arrested.

In addition to drug trafficking, the investigation uncovered and thwarted a large scale prostitution ring operating in Houston, Huntsville, Liberty and College Station. Additionally, two of the weapons seized in this investigation were tied to crimes committed in Walker County which led to the arrest of those individuals involved in those crimes. To date, nineteen individuals were arrested, illicit and prescription drugs were seized and various types of firearms were confiscated.

“Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our community. The Walker county sheriff’s Office, and our federal, state, and local law enforcement partners in Walker County, will remain relentless in our pursuit of drug trafficking organizations and other criminals who threaten our safety and stability. These arrests send a strong and unified message that these crimes will not be tolerated in our community and those who commit these offenses will be brought to justice,” stated walker county Sheriff Clint McRae.

These arrests resulted from the investigation conducted by the Walker County Sheriff’s Office and Houston High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force. The Houston HIDTA Task force is made up of investigators from the Drug Enforcement Administration, Homeland Security, United States Marshal Service, Texas Department of Public Safety, Houston police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Pasadena Police Department, Harris County Sheriff’s Department, Austin County Sheriff’s office, La Porte Police Department, Missouri city police Department and Rosenberg Police Department. Other agencies involved in this investi8ation were the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Huntsville Police Department, Walker County District Attorney’s Office, Harris County District Attorney’s Office and Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

Sheriff McRae would also like to thank the Walker county Criminal District Attorney’s Office for their help in this investigation.

This case is ongoing and more arrests are anticipated.


From the Walker County Sheriff’s Office


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  1. Most people not all need a sense of self validation. A feeling of acceptance and accomplishment. There’s also a desire for peace and joy within our being. (Faith)

    When those afore mentioned emotions and feelings are not met then they turn to the things that gives them that feeling or at least camouflages it.

    Maybe it’s divorce or money or illness. PTSD for our awesome veterans.
    Not justifying what they do. Just thinking out loud I guess.
    A lot of these people are good folks that made horrible choices and now there’s a chemical dependency they can’t kick alone.

    Then some folks have no desire to get clean and commit crimes with no consideration for who they hurt.

    Just my opinion.

  2. What is wrong with people? I have seen the “before & after” pictures of people on meth. Many of them were very attractive but their use of meth horribly disfigured them both mentally and physically. Why would anybody do that to themselves? This stuff destroys people just as heroin destroys people. In my younger years I ran with people who drank and I did too. I ran with people who used marijuana, I didn’t and I don’t endorse it’s use. But almost everybody I knew had the good sense to stop at marijuana because they knew about the self destruction built into every drug beyond marijuana yet every day there is another new crop of fools voluntarily taking meth, heroin as well as all of the other poisons for the first time. I can’t understand this? It does not compute.

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