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On Sunday, June 28, 2015, Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a Major Motor Vehicle Crash in the intersection of the 11600 block of West Montgomery and the 4900 block of Breen Road. During the investigation, it was determined that the complainant, who has yet to be identified was traveling northbound in the 11600 block of West Montgomery in a brown 1996 Chevrolet S-10. The complainant disregarded a signal light and entered into the intersection with the 4900 block of Breen Road. Entering into the intersection the complainant’s vehicle was struck in the right side by the front distributed of a white 2001 Chevrolet Lumina, which was traveling southbound in the 11600 block of West Montgomery. A witness to the crash stated he observed the complainant’s truck pass him at a high rate of speed. The witness also stated he observed the truck run the red light at the aforementioned intersection as it attempted to turn left from West Montgomery onto Breen Road. The driver of the Lumina sustained serious bodily injuries during the crash and was transported to a local trauma center. During this crash the complainant sustained serious bodily injuries, which ultimately caused his death. The complainant had the distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his mouth. This case remains under investigation by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Enforcement Division.


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  1. Yes, your opinion. Though I disagree with it, I acknowledge and respect your right to one.

    You seem like a relatively smart individual so I assume you wouldn’t make statements without citing facts to support them. That said, your statement intrigues me. You must know something I don’t. Please share why your first comment is indeed fact?

  2. Joe – Jesus doesn’t need my defense, so I am more concerned with your position than His defense. It is easy for a man to boast and rant like a fool while things are going his way, and Jesus whom you think is a bunch of nonsense allows such foolishness. I know it makes you feel pretty big discounting The Creator of the Heavens, Earth, and your soul. Although I can testify I used to be as foolish, but have found in my fraility how much I needed Him. Think about the air you breathe, the fact that you haven’t given much thought to keeping your heart pumping, neither can you restart your heart when this Jesus allows death to take you away. I encourage you to humble yourself. Your audience with whom you boast is not as moved by your foolish words.

  3. Joe Who gives a $$$tt about you? Not I, therefore you do not matter! God will show you one day what he’s all about! He’s got a real nice place for you that is lined in FIRE!

  4. I disagree. I will use Descartes’ beginning point, as should everyone, “I think, therefore I am.” There is a lot in those five words. I can know that I exist, but the same can not be said for others, just as you can know that you exist, but you don’t know that I do. However, with that said, I do not question your existence because you are a physical being with substance that can be measured.

  5. Joe maybe you ain’t real. Think about it you could be made up and fictional as well. Just something to think about… hahaha

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