Sunday, December 10, 2023


Just before 3pm an electrician working at St. Luke’s Hospital in The Woodlands came into contact with high voltage and was electrocuted. The 23-year-old man was transported by MCHD to Memorial Hermann Burn Center in Houston. According to Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams, he suffered burns to approximately 20 percent of his body. Mostly hands, arms, and face. The incident caused a major electrical outage at the hospital putting them on what is called an internal disaster. Generators quickly picked up for the loss of power. At dark, the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office Investigators remained on the scene.


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  1. I don’t think he passed, but by them using the term “electrocuted” most assume he was. He suffered an electrical arc flash And shock.

  2. The State of Texas requires all those in the electrical trade to have a State license. The “open” shops have an apprentice program through out the U.S. And just because an electrician has a license does not mean he is qualified to perform Energized work. As per the NEC, OSHA and NFPA 70 E, a person must be deemed competent and qualified by his/her employer. The question is dis his employer do this and we’re the correct procedures in place to perform energized work?

  3. While none of us know the details of this tragic death I do have to wonder about this man’s qualifications. I question his qualifications because I have heard of many “electricians” working under another person’s license. This happens in many of the licensed trades. I am not promoting unions but in years gone by unions used to have apprenticeship programs to properly train tradesmen and many states did not allow people to work under another person’s license. While this happening in most trades is questionable the safety aspect of this in the electrical trades is driven home by this young man’s death.
    Going back to the unions, if they would go back to promoting the quality of union tradesmen instead of the political activism, violence and corruption they have become known for maybe they could enjoy a resurrection. But of course their greed won’t let them.

      • You are guilty of what others have pointed out I am; I misread that this young man was injured but not deceased. You misread my comment in that I was promoting unions. I did not promote unions and said as such in my 4th sentence. Yes, union electricians get electrocuted too, I didn’t say they didn’t. I used to work in the power generation industry and knew union men who were electrocuted. My whole comment was that property owners need to make sure those doing work, especially electrical work, are qualified. Check to make sure they are licensed or working as an apprentice directly under the supervision of a licensed professional and not just using the owner of the company’s license.

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