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SAUNDERS,MARCRICHARDOn October 24, 2012 Marc Saunders went searching for a donkey that escaped from a friends. A short time later he found it down the road. A neighbor had found it and tied it up on Acorn Hill Drive.  As a friend sat on the tailgate he  towed  the donkey home. using a chain tied to his Chevrolet Blazer. As the speeds increased the donkey fought being pulled. With his legs locked, his hooves drug the asphalt. His friend yelled for him to stop but Saunders continued on. Eventually the donkey fell over on the edge of the road. A trail of blood lay for almost ten feet. The donkeys hooves were ground down to the bone.

Saunders, seeing the damage he had done , unhooked the chain and fled the scene.

Not long after a veterinarian passing through the area saw what was happening and stopped to help.

The donkey , was taken back to its home down the street to recover. An outpouring of the community came in the form of feed and a shelter for the donkey. The nameless donkey was deemed “Susie Q” and to this day is alive and well.

A jury was picked on Monday and testimony started. Defense Attorney  Joseph LaBella brought several witnesses up trying to portray the incident as an accident. But State Prosecutor Rob Freyer disputed the claim. He was able to show that it was not just intentional but that the vehicle used was a deadly weapon.

Saunders former wife and mother to his three children took the stand and told the jury of the beating she received from Saunders over the ten years that they were together, She also described his use as a meth addict and his affiliation with the Arian Brotherhood Prison Gang.

Clay Eden, Saunders former father-in law and told of how Saunders had lived with them at least six years of the time Saunders and his daughter were together. He told the jury how years ago he tried to get him to straighten out but it went on deaf ears.

Saunders faces up to ten years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. He is also currently being held on a drug charge. With the jury’s finding of a deadly weapon Saunders will have to do at least half his time before even becoming eligible for parole.

Dwayne Morrow with the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables Office was the deputy able to locate Saunders after the incident and after the investigation, bring him to justice.




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