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man makes it to his 86th birthday thanks to montgomery county mchd and magnolia fire department

IMGA0003On Valentines Day this year 85-year-old Robert Farabee who lives in Grimes County made his daily trip to the Magnolia Mcdonald’s for his morning coffee. He had missed several days as he had been in the hospital but he was back in the swing of things.

He had gotten his coffee and as he was about to sit down started feeling dizzy. He remembers sitting down and next thing he remembers is lying on the floor with a woman pumping on his chest. He doesn’t remember anything else except waking up in Tomball Hospital with sore ribs.

Mr. Farabee suffered a heart attack in the store. The call was taken by Kevin Fitzgerald of the heart attack and man down at the McDonalds. He passed the call over to the dispatcher Melissa Crevilli at MCHD who in turn dispatcher Magnolia Fire Department and MCHD from just down the road to the McDonalds at FM 1488 and FM 1774. Jason Rosenfield, a firefighter who was assigned to the booster truck at the Magnolia Fire Station on Buddy Riley just around the corner from McDonalds. Sherry Sullivan a Supervisor with MCHD arrived at almost the same time which was within two minutes. When  the two got to Mr Farabee his heart had slowed dangerously and then stopped. They immediately started CPR. By the time the ambulance arrived which was four minutes later they were able to get Mr. Farabee’s heart restarted.

Parimedic David Pairett and EMT Travis Morgan transported Mr. Farabee to Tomball Hospital where a pace maker was put in place.

Sunday afternon most of the crew and Mr. Farabee came together at the Magnolia Fire Station to meet. He was told off all the calls MCHD makes one percent are full cardiac arrests and only one-half of one percent survive.

Farabee who said his mother lived to be 86-years-old wanted to do the same. He made that goal on May 2 of this year when he turned 86-years-old.

He thanked all that were involved and told them how he he appreciated the job they had done.

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