February 1, 2023 9:42 am

Posted: 28.4.2022 17:40




Just after 10 am Monday a male appeared at Martin Chevrolet in Cleveland and began waving a gun around telling employees to give him keys. Cleveland Police were called. A Cleveland Police unit arrived on the scene as the suspect was getting into a vehicle. That officer ordered the suspect to stop which he refused and fled from Martin Chevrolet.  A pursuit was initiated involving Cleveland officers. DPS and Liberty County units then became involved as the vehicle traveled north on 59 to Goodrich, Texas at speeds over 100 miles per hour. The vehicle then u-turned and came back through Cleveland. He continued south on I-69 to a point just south of Loop 105 Bypass where he was spiked. The vehicle then cut into the construction area almost hitting several construction workers. He continued north a short distance at a high rate of speed where he ran off the new pavement onto the dirt below causing him to crash. He then exited the vehicle with a gun in hand and fled east toward the northbound lanes of traffic. As he was going over the barrier into the northbound lanes where he turned toward the officers, He was shot by two Cleveland Officers. The victim was deceased in the middle of the northbound lanes.  The suspect was sent for autopsy and identification as he had no identification on his person. The vehicle he arrived in at Martin Chevrolet was a stolen vehicle from Houston. The Texas Rangers are assisting in the investigation. Both officers with a combined total of over 30-years in law enforcement. Both officers are physically alright but were visibly shaken by the entire incident. I-69 northbound was closed for several hours as the investigation continued and the suspect was removed from the freeway. Heavy rainfall slowed the investigation as officers were forced to deal with the intense rain and extreme mud in the construction area. Just as it cleared a crash occurred just north of Cleveland causing another shutdown. Splendora Police posted at Fostoria taking all traffic off the freeway and routing drivers north on Fostoria.  For the motorists on the freeway who had already passed Fostoria, there was no exit available and they were forced to sit as the scene was investigated. Also, issues with several businesses on the northbound side that depend on truck traffic were held to a standstill. 

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