Just left the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management. As of 5am Mandatory Evacuation has been ordered. The dam is holding, has not breached and is being watched closely. However with the very heavy rains due in over the next few days there is a chance that situation could change. They are not physically removing people from homes but are warning residents if you do not get out and something does happen with the dam. Emergency responders will not be sent in putting their lives in danger for persons who held out. This was the situation during the wildfires of 2011. Many decided to stay only tocall saying flames are approaching their homes.

Another example is Katrina in 2005. There people were told to evacuate. Nobody had ever seen a storm like this and did not heed the warnings. This resulted in thousands of rescues and hundreds of deaths.

Please evacuate if you are in the map area. If you have no transportation call 211 from any phone and someone will pick you up.



    • Exactly. Liberals will never buy that though because they tend to lie around and scream “someone help me!” after they disregard warnings.

      • Voice–this has absolutely nothing to do with politics, so why bring that in? I’m a Liberal, but I know enough to evacuate when advised to do so. I think most people do–remember the monster traffic jam on I-45 when Hurricane Rita was coming?

  1. Voice, first responders are paid very well and are highly trained for such incidents. Its about helping people. you come across very arrogant when you say elderly are stupid!

    • Yeah they’re paid so well as a matter of fact that they all work extra jobs and overtime to put food on the table at least the ones I know do. You don’t know what in the hell you are saying. Didn’t say the elderly are stupid but people that can’t read and take comments out of context well that’s another story (ahem).

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