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Just over a month ago.  44-year-old,  Wende Marshall called her father to announce the engagement of herself and her boyfriend, 29 year-old Colt Morgan. The two were going to meet her father for dinner but never showed.

After notifying police she was declared missing on October 30.

On Halloween neighbors reported heavy black smoke coming from the chimney of the Marshall home.

On November 8 after 4 days at the Marshall home investigators were completing the removal of several human bones found around two homes at Fleur and Montaigne in northwest Harris County. One of the homes was Marshalls.

Then on November 11, murder charges were filed on Marshalls boyfriend Colt Morgan.

When detectives first talked with Morgan about Marshalls disappearance he stated they had an argument and he had gone to a friends.

Detectives, however after executing a search warrant on the Marshall home Evidence there pointed to murder. Besides blood splatters and what appeared to been blood which had been covered with paint and more which had attempted to been cleaned up. Burned human remains were also found in the fireplace.

Morgan had not been heard of since.

Detectives were able to determine that he did call his father from a Shell Station in Buffalo, Texas almost three weeks ago.

Then  Saturday night, November 23,  Buffalo Police Police Officer Pate was on routine patrol in the 500 block of Commerce, the main road running through the city. He approached the area around the Family Dollar and spotted a man walking. Pulling into the parking lot of the business which was for sale the officer got out of his patrol vehicle and identified himself as a Buffalo Police Officer and started to ask routine questions.  Not aware that this was the murder suspect wanted by Harris County. The white male was extremely calm. Officer Pate then asked him to step to the front of the patrol and put his hands on the hood. “I’m just going to check you for weapons,” said Officer Pate. With the male leaning on the hood the officer started the pat down process. That is when the unthinkable happened. The male reached into his waistband on his front left side and pulled a pistol from a concealed holster. The office fought him for the gun which finally fell to the ground.  He also tried to grab the officers weapon.  The males Glock .40 caliber fell to the ground. At this point the male head butted the officer and jabbed him with an elbow before turning and running. With the officer behind him he drew his Taser and deployed it in the direction of the male. The male was far enough away that when the barbs went into him he fell and the tension on the wire which was fully extended pulled the barbs out of him. He got up and continued to run.

Leon County Sheriff’s Department and multiple other units responded to the assist call put out by Officer Stephen Pate. After viewing the video the male was identified as Colt Pate and wanted in the Harris County case.

Colt Morgan was last seen wearing combat boots, black bdu pants, a gray and black jacket and black toboggan and has an injury on his right hand.

He is a white male, 5’10” and 170 pounds.

Leon County Sheriff Kevin Ellis and his Chief Deputy Victor Smith called in assistance from multiple agencies including, Harris County, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department SWAT, DPS, Texas Rangers,  the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force, Texas Department of Criminal Justice and Texas Game Wardens.

Morgan does have distant family that does reside in Leon County. between Buffalo and Oakwood.

After the incident Saturday night law enforcement swarmed the woods west of Interstate 45 in Buffalo after it was determined a red Polaris four-wheeler had been stolen from a barn just off of County Road 331 near the railroad tracks. In addition several weapons and clothing were stolen.

Vehicles parked at the Ridley Block Company which is just across the tree line and on the west side of the freeway were broken into also. There cash, and credit cards were stolen along with a few other item.

Searchers found a makeshift tent made of trash bags and duct tape near the intersection of Highway 79 and Interstate 45 in the same area. The camp was quite fresh,

Other recent sighting were at the Brookshire Brothers Grocery Store in Buffalo. There he was caught on store security video buying grocery items.

Pizza Hut was another location. Located  across the street and down a short distance on Highway 79 which is also known as Commerce Street from Brookshire Brothers.

After eating there he approached the manager, Jessica Ramirez and asked for an application. She told him that he needed to apply online with which he responded, he did not have a computer. She gave him an application which he left with.

The Sheriff said that this past weekend was one of their biggest weekends for hunters and there were few calls which did not prove to be Morgan. He said he felt the possibly does exist he could have left the area as there are hundreds of oilfield trucks traveling through the county daily. Most trains stop in Buffalo and then all the motorists driving through.

One example of heavy traffic  this past holiday weekend was at the  well known Woody’s Smoke House located in at Interstate 45 and Highway 7 in Centerville just 15 miles from Buffalo and 2 miles from the Sheriff’s Office. The parking lot there was over flowing with vehicles, some pulling trailers with 4 wheelers and plenty of pickup trucks with tarps covering their beds.

The search will continue the Sheriff stated at the press conference Monday afternoon in which the dash cam video of Officer Pate confronting Morgan.


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