February 2, 2023 1:00 pm

Posted: 24.6.2016 18:26


In December 2013, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Squier, Crime Stopper Coordinator for Montgomery County S.O. started working with the MCSO Board of Directors who wanted to expand their Crime Stopper activities into nearby counties. They invited Liberty County S.O. and San Jacinto County S.O. to join their Crime Stopper organization because  as all of you so well know, the criminal element knows no boundaries when it comes to their criminal activity SO….. Montgomery County crimes can overlap into Liberty County as well as San Jacinto County and the same is true in reverse. There is a TREMENDOUS amount of paper work, financial responsibility, state reporting, etc. that must be done and Montgomery County agreed to do all of this if LCSO and SJSO wanted to join their efforts. It was an offer that was too good to pass up and Sheriff Bobby Rader and San Jacinto County S.O. jumped at their generous offer. I was appointed as the Crime Stopper Coordinator for LCSO and Detective Neal Adams was appointed for SJSO. Dep. Steve Squier is the Coordinator for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and does an OUTSTANDING job with Crime Stoppers as well as the other “hats” he wears for MCSO.

Fast forward to October 13, 2014 when Dep. Squier and I attended the Texas Crime Stoppers Training Conference where the State Board of Directors certified Montgomery County to join Liberty County and San Jacinto in this  “Multi-County” effort.  Since that date the three counties have been working together on the Crime Stopper program as “one family”. Just within the last three months, the MCSO Board of Directors voted to start making public the  “Multi-County” Crime Stoppers logo rather than just “Montgomery County Crime Stoppers” so in the future, as time will permit, you will start seeing the “Multi-County” logo on the web-site, banners, cards, etc. Again… all three counties are as one “family” and are acting as ONE Crime Stopper program as there is SO much interaction between the three counties.

The number for anonymous callers to call in “tips” remains 1-800-392 STOP (7867).