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Marking a Milestone

Congratulations to Roman Forest Police Chief Stephen Carlisle, who is celebrating his second anniversary in the top spot.


Chief Carlisle posted the following letter online to Roman Forest Residents:

Two Year Anniversary as Chief
Two years ago today, down to the hour, I was appointed the Chief of Police of the Roman Forest Police Department.

I am proud to say that I have met many of my goals toward my Vision of this department. But I have many many more goals to meet. I am proud of the Roman Forest Police Officers, they have been critical in the pursuit of my vision. RFPD is more professional now than it has ever been.

A few of my achievements and goals are Citizen Police Academy (soon), community involvement, community leadership, public education, open communication, proactive policing and more important, Police Excellence.

I have changed the look and mission of RFPD. Our uniforms and cars now have the traditional police look. And my mission motto is written on our cars, “Pursuing Police Excellence.”

In the past two years, RFPD has entered into the Texas Best Practices Program, changed our uniform to meet the Homeland Security Initiative, improved public image, upped our recruiting and training standards, social media involvement, and many more to list.

We started a “Policing WITH the Community” through social media by starting a Facebook page a year ago this month.

RFPD had its 1st Annual Officer Awards & Recognition Banquet which recognizes officers with positive discipline.

Just recently, we were able to get our officers the highest pay increase in Roman Forest history. Also, updated much of our equipment like new ballistic vests, Tasers, and more.

We also secured funding to start our Animal control Initiative which will be up and running soon.

The officer and community support have been outstanding.

Thank you for your support.
Chief Stephen Carlisle

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