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Masons Honor Widows


Pictured from left to right: Evelyn Cater, Jerry Sue Hayden, Worshipful Master
Stephen Carlisle, Mearl Scott, Juanita Gibson, Emma Garrett.


The Masons of the Sam B. Crawford Masonic Lodge honored the Widows of five deceased Masons in a ceremony Saturday night. They were each awarded the Masonic Widow’s Pins and the Hummingbird Pin, the latter of which was created by the current Grand Master of Texas’ First Lady.

The Masons presented these pins to Mearl Scott, Jerry Sue Hayden, Emma Garrett, Juanita Gibson, and Evelyn Cater in honor of their late husbands, Mansel Scott, Charles Hayden, Otis Garrett, Carlos Gibson, and Jasper ‘JJ’ Cater, respectively.

The Masonic Widow’s Pin is an emblem to remind our widows that “You are not alone,” as said by Worshipful Master Stephen Carlisle. It was created with the hope that it would be worn by the widow of a Master Mason on all appropriate occasions and during travel, so that she may be recognized, greeted, and assisted when necessary, by Masonic friends throughout the world.

“One of the basic tenants of a Mason’s profession is Relief,” he said. “It’s very important that we don’t forget the widows of our brothers who have been supporters of this fraternity all these years. After I’m gone, I know that my wife, Laura, will have relief a phone call away”

“There are individuals who are fighting the battles of life with no weapons. Some are old and full of years; others are ill; others lonely. Some need encouragement; others need someone to talk to, or to run their errands, or to write their letters. More than anything else, many want only the assurance that they are needed.”

Mearl Scott said that it has been 21 years since she lost her husband, Mansel Scott. She reminded the lodge that he built this lodge with the help of other brothers.

Jerry Haden said that it has been only a few months since she lost her husband, Charles Hayden.

“He was a proud Mason,” she said. “When he was 20 he couldn’t wait until he turned 21 so he could become a mason.”

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