MONTGOMERY COUNTY – Montgomery County Hospital District, in conjunction with Montgomery County Public Health District, would like to announce an online screening tool, specially-developed by our MCHD Community Paramedics, to help the general public determine their specific risk of COVID-19. It is a simple question-and-answer method of determining whether a person is a low-to-no, medium or high risk. There are also considerations for special populations. After a few simple questions, the tool will give a person-specific step-by-step instructions on how to proceed whether you have symptoms or are asymptomatic.

“Looking at all of the resources available, we wanted to condense the COVID-19 information into a one-stop-shop in a time where there is so much information, one could be easily overwhelmed,” said Morgan Clark, MCHD Community Paramedic Case Manager.

The tool also provides information on community resources like a local COVID-19 hotline, a mental health phone & text line, and links to helpful and relevant websites.

MCHD Community Paramedic Case Manager Nivea Wheat further explained, “There is plenty of misinformation out there. This tool gives step-by-step instructions that will hopefully give someone a sense of calm or at least a solid plan on what to do in such confusing times.”

You can try out the tool for yourself here:

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