Weekly Report from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

District 1 – Lt. Jim Fleming (North County)

On July 6, Deputy J. Kader was sent to the 12900 block of Royal Shores in reference to a family violence assault call. The Deputy met with a female complainant who stated she and her boyfriend got into an argument that turned physical. The male pushed her and punched her on the face. Later the argument continued and the male punched her and grabbed her by the arm and threw on the bed. The complainant attempted to call 9-1-1 but the male grabbed the phone and threw it against a wall breaking it. The female was able to get away. The 48 year old male from Conroe was arrested at 12:36am, charged with assault and interference with an emergency phone call and transported to jail.

A 32 year old male from New Caney was arrested at 9:45am, July 6, at # 1 Criminal Justice Drive by Corporal D. Bonner for a capias indictment warrant for possession of a controlled substance out of Montgomery County. The male was performing community service when the Deputy was notified of the warrant. The male was transported to jail.

A 28 year old male from Conroe was arrested at 1:30pm, July 7, in the area of Hwy 75 and Silver Springs by Corporal D. Bonner for a failure to appear (civil) warrant out of Montgomery County. The Deputy was investigating a disturbance call. The male was taken to jail.

A 28 year old male from Conroe was arrested at 3:20pm, July 7, in the 16000 block of Crowley Road by Deputy A. Booher and Corporal P. Smith for two traffic warrants out of the city of Cut and Shoot. The Deputies were investigating a disturbance. The male was taken to jail.

A 42 year old female from Willis was arrested at 2:20am, July 8, in the 13000 block of Commander Circle by Deputy J. Lawless for two burglary warrants out of Galveston County. The Deputy was given information on the possible location of the female. The female was transported to jail.

On July 10, Deputy R. Salazar was dispatched to the 2900 block of Seminole for a family violence assault call. The Deputy met with a female complainant who advised she and her husband got into an argument and the male pushed her and choked her. The female had several bruises on her arm. The 44 year old male from Willis was arrested at 12:40am and taken to jail.

A 43 year old female from Willis was arrested at 2:10am, July 11, in the 12700 block of Paradise Court by Deputy J. Lawless for a possession of a dangerous drug warrant and an unlawful carrying of a weapon warrant, both out of Montgomery County. The Deputy had received information on the possible location of the female. The female was transported to jail.

District 3 – Lt. Darrel Conn (East County)

On 7/8/09, Deputy White responded to a child endangerment call in the 21000 block of Memorial Dr. in Porter, Texas. Upon the officers arrival they found that two children, ages one and two had been left unattended in the front yard of the home. The 25 year old mother had left the children in the yard with the expectation that neighborhood children would watch them. The mother was found, observed to be intoxicated and was arrested for two counts of Child Endangerment a State Jail Felony.

On 7/9/09, Deputy Ashmore was dispatched to an attempt to locate off of Tram Rd. and F.M. 2090. The owner of a stolen trailer had observed a trailer that had been previously stolen from him and followed the suspects until the arrival of the deputy. Upon the officers arrival it was confirmed that the trailer was his and the suspect, a 39 year old male was arrested and charged with Theft.

On 7/9/09, Deputy Ortiz was dispatched to the Porter Wal Mart in reference to a Theft call. Upon the officers arrival he learned that a 32 year old female had stolen numerous items from the store and was apprehended by loss prevention. The suspect had resisted loss preventions efforts but was eventually detained. The suspect had prior convictions for Theft causing this charge to be enhanced to a State Jail Felony and she was arrested and charged with such.

On 7/11/09, Deputy Trammel was dispatched to the 16000 block of Mystic Ridge Ln. in reference to a Family Violence in Progress call. Upon his arrival he learned that the 39 year old female had active warrants through MCSO for DWI and Theft. The female was arrested and transported to MCSO jail where she was searched and found to have 7 pills of Lorcet in her purse that she did not have a prescription for. She was additionally charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance.

On 7/13/09, Deputy LeBeau received a theft in progress call in which the complainant was following the suspects. Deputy Lebeau observed the suspect vehicle as it approached Justice Dr. @ Hwy. 59. The suspects quickly exited their vehicle and fled on foot. A perimeter was set up by responding officers and a Pct. #4 Constable Patrol dog was called to the scene. Both suspects were quickly found hiding in brush by the dog and were taken into custody. Both suspects turned out to be wanted Felons and one was wanted for Escape in of Mississippi. Both were additionally charged with Theft and Evading Arrest.

District 4 – Lt. David Park (West County)

On 07/10/09 at approximately 1540 hours Deputy Crandell was dispatched to the 29600 block of Highland Blvd in reference to a Theft in Progress. Deputy Crandell was met by the Complainant who manages a store at that location. The manager advised that she witnessed the suspect enter the store and take several cans of beer and a stick of jerky. The Complainant went outside and confronted the suspect about the theft. She recovered the items from his pocket and called MCSO. A Criminal Trespass warning was issued. Citation issued and referred to JP-5.

On 07/09/09 at approximately 2116 hours Deputy Suarez, Deputy Crandell and Cpl Sumrall were dispatched to a family violence in progress in the 29000 block of Denton. Prior to their arrival MCSO Dispatch advised that the male actor had left the location driving an older green Ford truck. Deputy Suarez located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop at Dobbin Huffsmith and Navajo Lane. While searching the males for weapons a set of knuckles were discovered in the front right pocket of one of the occupants. The male was arrested. The Deputy arrested the family violence suspect. The third occupant of the car was arrested for PI (Public Intoxication). The three were then transported to the South Montgomery County Jail without incident.

On 07/06/09 Sgt Hammons was dispatched to 12000 Block of Beth Lane for a Recovery of a Stolen 4 Wheeler. The Sgt was met by the reportee who stated that he had a party on Saturday July 4th and had friends over to his house. While they were there a number of boys were riding ATV’s on the adjacent property behind his residence. The boys advised him that they had found a 4-wheeler upside down in a gully. The boys turned it back on its wheels and brought it to the house. The reportee put it up because he figured that it was stolen and would not allow anyone to take it. He then called MCSO to report the findings. The Sgt observed the four wheeler was heavy covered with mud and the front wheel assembly had been damaged. The vehicle had been hot wired. The case was referred to ATTF.

District 5 – Lt. Don Lacy (Northwest County)

On 07/12/09 Dep. B. Lennon responded to an apartment complex located in the 12000 block of Walden Road. Upon arrival he met with the father of an eight year old child in reference to Endangering a Child. During the investigation it was found that an acquaintance of the family had assisted the father and child while they were moving into their residence. During the move the acquaintance had taken a steak knife and placed it to the throat of the child and made the motions as if he was going to cut the child’s throat. The father of the child was unaware of the incident at the time of its occurrence. The suspect was not available at the time the report was made. Case has been referred to CID for follow up investigation.

On 07/10/2009 Dep. D. Garner responded to the April Sound Security office where he met with a victim in reference to a Sexual Assault. The female victim advised the assault had occurred several days prior, and she did want to file a report but refused to cooperate in providing accurate information in reference to the incident. The adult female victim advised she had been at a bar several days before and met an old acquaintance. The victim stated she left the bar after having consumed a quantity of alcoholic beverages and went to the male’s residence. The female stated more alcohol was consumed and she went to sleep at the location. The female advised she awoke to find the suspect sexually assaulting her. The victim refused to provide additional investigative information to law enforcement. The case was referred to CID.

On 07/08/09 Dep. H. Lowe was dispatched to Chickasaw Drive in reference to a Family Violence in Progress. Upon arrival the deputy met with a husband and wife at the residence. The male victim advised his wife had been abusing medications and alcohol over a period of time and blacks out. The husband stated his wife began punching, slapping and scratching him. During the physical altercation the female obtained a 6” knife and attacked him. The male victim had multiple injuries about his head, face and hands. The suspect was taken into custody. A $30,000 bond was set by the DA’s office. The children in the home were turned over to grandparents who arrived on location.