Lt. Spencer with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said additional police are on the way to the Harmony Park Apartments as they do an apartment to apartment search for the murder suspect who fled as they were executing a warrant just after 6pm Thursday. There is no time frame that residents will be allowed to return to their homes. Several residents outside the complex have children in the apartments and others with pets.

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  1. Michael

    Wow! Really suxs to be living in that apartment complex right then… I feel sorry for the residents who were put thru this! And i certainly understand why residents would be taking pics and video of the officers forcing entry into their apartments, for their own protection to document how they are treated and any damages being caused by police…

    On the one hand the police REALLY need to find that guy I think everyone can agree on that point…. but on the other hand, who wants to have their apartment or home broken in to and searched by police without a warrant or court order when they haven’t done anything wrong and know the suspect isn’t in their apartment or home (but police can’t know that of course)! I feel for the innocent people who get caught in this situation, I really really do. 🙁

    Question I have to pose…. what prevents an accidental Castle Doctrine incident in this scenario? How do police gain entry into the apartments without frightening the residents into thinking they are being burglarized and thus firing shots at an “intruder” they may believe is out to harm them coming thru the door? What if the resident is hard of hearing and literally just can’t hear the police at the door calling out that they are “police”? There seem to be so many ways this could go so terribly wrong…. and yet, the police REALLY do need to find that suspect no argument there!

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