August 13, 2022 5:28 pm

Posted: 10.6.2021 14:36


The Precinct 1 Constable’s Marine Division would like to report the statistics for this past holiday weekend. The Constable’s Office responded to twenty-nine (29) incidents on the lake. Deputies responded to three minor boating accidents and arrested three (3) individuals. Two (2) for Boating While Intoxicated (BWI) and one for a felony narcotics offense.
Deputies with the department conducted two hundred eighty-five (285) voluntary Boater Safety Checks at our local marinas. These safety checks are conducted prior to citizens launching their vessel on the lake. In addition, there were one hundred thirty-five (135), Boater safety checks on the lake; for a total of four hundred twenty (420).
Constable Philip Cash reports that of the two hundred eighty-five (285) volunteer safety checks, fifty-one (51) of the boats were missing one or more of the required safety items to include: PFD/Lifejacket for everyone on board; Class 4 Throwable; Sound Producing Device (horn/whistle); Fully charged Marine Fire Extinguisher; Kill Switch – Lanyard and Boater Registration Card.
The Volunteer safety checks are designed to help educate boaters and make sure they have the required safety equipment before getting on the water. Citations are never issued to those who participate in these voluntary safety inspections and many boaters are thankful that the missing items were identified before they get on the water, where citations can be issued.
Constable Cash further encourages everyone who is planning on using Lake Conroe, to “Be sensible, be safe; and always wear a Life Jacket when you are in or around the water”.

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