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Meter Reader Saves Elderly Amputee

Roman Forest Police respond to an elderly male found in a deep ditch in his back yard crying for help. The 81-year-old Roman Forest resident was only found by chance, when meter reader Jeffrey Franklin of Accu-Read Services, heard someone crying for help while reading the neighbor’s electric meter.

Franklin located the elderly amputee in a deep ditch between the properties, called 911 immediately and rushed to the elderly man’s aid. With less than a 2 minute response time, Roman Forest Police Chief Stephen Carlisle arrived on scene to find a long-time friend and city resident lying in the ditch below his overturned scooter. Chief Carlisle provided limited aid until Emergency Medics arrived on scene.

The man had been lying in the ditch without shade from the brutal sun for over two hours. He was calling out for help the entire time. The gentleman told Chief Carlisle he was watering plants from his scooter when he rolled over. Having only one leg and being on a steep incline, it was imposable to get up. He also forgot to take his phone and emergency alarm outside. The incident could have ended in tragedy, given the high temperatures. There was also danger posed by the ditch having about 12 inches of water in it.

Chief Stephen Carlisle praised and thanked the meter reader.

”I want to thank Jeffrey Franklin for coming to the aid of my friend. I can only imagine the outcome had he not been found. You are a true hero…”



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