December 5, 2022 6:06 pm

Posted: 13.7.2011 11:19


Deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and the LCSO Special Crimes Unit, headed by Louis Guthrie, have been developing a case in regards to a Methamphetamine Lab located on Highway 59 just north of the City Limits of Cleveland.  The Special Crimes Unit working with the Texas Department of Public Safety,  has been specifically targeting these extremely dangerous and explosive criminal operations with success. 

On Monday, July 11, 2011, Deputies and Investigators from the LCSO arrived at a tire shop combined with a group of several buildings on Highway 59.  Upon their arrival, they interrupted a “meth cook” who was actually in the process of “cooking” methamphetamine. “ This was an extremely dangerous and difficult arrest which had the potential to cause a fire or explosion due to the chemical vapors present during the manufacturing process”, said Louis Guthrie.   

There were also two mini-vans located on the property which were being used as “mobile meth labs” which are designed and built for the sole purpose of manufacturing and transporting methamphetamine.  A large amount of product, by-product, instruments and supplies were confiscated by the LCSO. Thousands of dollars  “street amount” of methamphetamine seized.   With the assistance of the Texas Department of Public Safety, members of both organizations, who are specially trained and certified in the dismantling and processing of these criminal operations spent all afternoon in high heat conditions securing the evidence obtained.

Two arrests were made.  Both suspects are in custody at the Liberty County Jail.  At this time their information is being withheld, pending further investigation, leading to additional arrests. The LCSO shall continue their efforts to combat these dangerous criminal operations which operate within different areas of Liberty County.  Many of these operations are brought to light with the help of good citizens who care enough about their communities and provide vital information which assists Law Enforcement in locating and dismantling these criminal operations.

Sheriff Patterson and the members of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office want to thank everyone who takes time to help us combat any suspicious or criminal activity.  As always, we encourage citizens to call us at 936-336-4500 or use our web site located at , click on the Crime Stoppers Tab. Your identity shall remain anonymous.  Only working together can we truly make a difference in providing a safer community for our families.