Monday, June 17, 2024


Corporal Art Looza worked his regular shift on Friday night making two warrant arrests before going home at 4am.

At  7 am he was back up heading to Splendora to assist his fellow Precinct 4 Deputies work traffic control for the parade and remaining until after 1 pm at the event.

As he entered Interstate 45 southbound at SH 242 he moved to the middle lane. Just as he did a 2011 Nissan Maxima passed him at 140mph. Fast enough that the force of the air between them forced him into the other lane and almost striking another vehicle.

Looza notified the dispatcher that he was involved in a pursuit south on 45 at over 100 mph. When they reached Research Forest after seconds the driver of the speeding vehicle pulled over. As Looza approached the vehicle the driver took off again. Looza quickly entered his patrol car and once again initiated the pursuit. Other Montgomery County units started heading for Looza’s location in an attempt to assist. The Nissan exited Spring Stuebner where he blew out his left front tire and sideswiped a hearse owned by Eickenhorst Funeral Directors of Conroe. The hearse was not transporting at the time. The pursuit continued through the intersection of FM 2090 in Spring with the driver continuing over 100mph with only 3 tires and one front left rim. They continued on the feeder to Cypresswood Drive where the driver turned east. As they reached the first street behind the shopping center the driver turned south on Spring Park Center and sped around hairpin turns through the neighborhood.

As he rounded the last turn Harris County was also closing in on the pursuit and the driver turned into the Spring Park Apartments. Getting trapped between Looza and a vehicle exiting the apartments the driver fled the vehicle and attempted to jump the wrought iron fence. He had almost made it over when Corporal Looza was able to taze him. Still trying to continue over the fence a Harris County Deputy also tazed the suspect bringing him to the ground.

Cypress Creek EMS responded to the scene as the driver was complaining of shortness of breath.  He was later transported to Hermann Hospital in the Woodlands.

The driver identified as Phillip Wayne Hines 33, of 8711 Oak Leaf Forest was found to be driving a stolen vehicle from Humble. In addition he was wanted by Harris County for bail jumping, failure to appear, three counts of evading arrest and one count of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

In addition the Montgomery County District Attorney accepted charges of Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, a felony. Also evading arrest which was enhanced to a third degree felony  due to his prior charges.

As Corporal Looza completed his report just before 7 p.m. and headed home for some much needed rest, Hermann Hospital released Hines to the custody of Deputy Chris Turentine who transported Hines to the Montgomery County Jail.


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