Monday, March 20, 2023


Monday night approximately 11 p.m. a Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy was on routine patrol near the intersection of Loop 494 and FM 1485. At that location he spotted a vehicle parked parked facing south in the Cue Club parking lot. Part of the vehicle was parked in the northbound lane.

As the deputy approached the vehicle sped off with a male chasing after it on foot.  The vehicle then fled east on FM 1485. The deputy went after the vehicle as he noticed a Ford pickup in the parking lot had an alarm going off. The vehicle was finally stopped almost one half mile away.

As the deputy approached the vehicle he spotted marijuana in the drivers lap. After removing both males from the vehicle the deputy located a billfold and credit cards and a drivers license not belonging to either of the two males.

Constable Hayden arrived on the scene and proceeded back to the club where he was able to find the driver of the pickup with the alarm sounding. The owner of the truck discovered his truck had been broken into and several items including a billfold and credit cards were missing. He also told Constable Hayden of a male he spotted earlier in the area. The clothing he described matched what one of the two males in the vehicle were wearing.

chacon, john

The driver was identified as John Martin Chacon, age 23, of 1019 Terminal in Houston. He was arrested and charged with burglary of a vehicle and fraudulent possession of identifying information.



cortez, erik

The passenger was also arrested and charged the same. He was identified as Eric Andrew Cortez, age 18, of 1019 Terminal Drive in Houston.



CORTEZ                                           CHACON

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