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An abducted Security area toddler is home with her family today and the woman who took her is in jail, thanks to an all night multi-agency effort headed up by Precinct 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden set up an impromptu command center at his office immediately after he was contacted by Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts. By daylight, the child was back with her parents.

Pamela Annette Krischke, 44, of Grangerland, is charged with Unlawful Restraint / Less Than 17 Years of Age (a state jail felony) and misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana. The marijuana was found wrapped in a letter from from the Montgomery County Sanctions Court notifying her of a progress hearing.

The family of 2-year-old Emery Alderete reported her missing to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office on Friday afternoon after the toddler was not returned as scheduled and the woman believed to have taken her was nowhere to be found. Around 6 p.m., Montgomery County broadcasted an attempt to locate to all law enforcement agencies, with a description of Krischke and her vehicle.

Krischke, who has an extensive criminal history, is a member of a family that babysits Emery. The child was to be returned to her mother around 2 p.m., but she and Krischke were nowhere to be found and Krischke’s family claimed no knowledge of their whereabouts.

When Judge Metts learned of the situation, he contacted Constable Hayden, who sprung into action immediately. The Judge and Constable, along with Pct. 4 Chief Deputy Barry Welch and Sgt. Buck Clendennen went to the Constable’s Office where they began investigating, with on-duty deputies conducting interviews, searching areas Krischke is known to frequent and asking people if they had seen her.

District 3 Sgt. Julie Wienke with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office joined the effort at the command center, investigating and pursuing leads throughout the area and in Harris County.

Just after 2 a.m. reports came in that Krischke had just purchased $3.00 in gas at the Valero on FM 1485 and Old Houston Road. Searches of the area were unable to locate her.

The investigation paid off just before 4 a.m. when as Precinct 4 deputies were searching the area around the Krischke she rounded the corner almost crashing into Deputy Bergland’s patrol car. Deputy Looza and his partner Maldonado behind Bergland and was able immediately turn around on her stopping her just down the street. As he removed Krischke from the vehicle her engine sputtered and died as she had run out of gas. Deputy Looza saw little Emery in a child safety seat in the back seat. Head hanging down and not appearing responsive to the commotion thinking the worst he opened the door and realized she was fast asleep.  The child was taken back to the Precinct 4 office where the parents anxiously awaited her arrival. As she hugged her mother and father she said, “I love you, we got lost”.

Judge Metts said he appreciated the swift response by Constable Hayden and Chief Deputy Welch, as well as Sergeant Wienke and the other agencies involved.

“I’m deeply disturbed that anyone could put a family through this kind of agony,” he said. “I’m also relieved that it ended well and quickly and I’m proud of our local law enforcement for making that happen.”

Likewise, Constable Hayden said he was grateful for the assistance of other agencies and for his own men who made finding Emery their top priority.

“When a child is missing, every second counts, and you can’t have too many people working on it,” Constable Hayden said. “I’m thankful for everyone in my agency that showed their dedication and determination to bring little Emery home.”

“I’m also very grateful that we have the kind of relationship with the Sheriff’s Office that allowed us to make one phone call and have patrol Sgt. Wienke at our office utilizing her expertise and resources to assist us,” he said.

As of 8 p.m. Saturday, Krischke remained held in the Montgomery County Jail.


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