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Missing Dog… Answers to “Duck”


This four-legged family member hasn’t been seen since last Saturday night, and his human family is distraught. This male, 1 to 3-year-old Pitt Bull is described as sweet but hyper, and maybe a little skittish. He’s named Duck. However, his family says he’s skittish and might be startled and run away if anyone calls out to him and tries to catch him.

He was wearing a blue collar when last seen, but may or may not still have it on. He has what looks like a heart-shaped spot over his left ear, but his right ear is solid white, and his chest is solid white.

Duck was last seen in the area of Greenbough Rd. and Hwy 242.  He was seen on the Porter side of Hwy 242 (not the Conroe), but the area is near Hwy 242 and is an unincorporated Conroe address.

Anyone with information regarding this missing boy is asked to call one of the numbers on the flyers below.