Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Missing elderly man FOUND SAFE!

A missing elderly Conroe man was found safe in Houston overnight and is now home. He was first discovered missing, along with his pickup, Monday afternoon. Alerts and photos were spread via social media throughout the area and the efforts succeeded.

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(now modified to show found)

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  1. spk on, both you and Lfry320 are both right. One has to be vigilant. But there are times when even the best of supervision isn’t enough. Although my dad is not (currently) sneaky, he can be stubborn, after all, he has been the leader and provider of his family for decades, and now his daughter is trying to tell him what to do? The fun never ends! It’s a learning experience. Bless you both.

  2. I have dealt with this twice and am not a stranger to it. There are ways to handle it to keep the person who has dementia safe and secure. It is very important, for his sake, to be vigilant and keep him secured.

  3. as a daughter of an Alzheimers patient, what you say is easier said than done. Some Alzeimers/Dementia patients are sneaky, think of how sneaky a toddler is, then add the mindset of an adult, who remembers they’re an adult who’s caregiver is most the time a child or younger person, so they think they dont nessesarily have to listen b/c they remember being an adult. We had childproof locks on our doors and my mom would escape. you can only do so much to “adult proof” a home.
    Alzheimers/Dementia is under-researched, and not explained to many people. We learned as we went with my mom, and it was a struggle the whole way.

  4. Now that he is safe, I will comment.
    Why and how does an old person with dementia get the keys and use of a vehicle? Doesn’t anyone see after him? Someone needs to get on the ball and keep up with this situation before he gets hurt.

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