Modified Access to Neighborhood Streets
Begins 6AM Wednesday, August 5

Over the past several weeks, crews have been making great efforts to open up the new SH 99 westbound frontage road from Forest Drive to Dorston Drive. Beginning at 6AM on Wednesday, August 5, several neighborhood streets will temporarily access their properties to and from FM 1485 via Forest Drive and the new SH 99 westbound frontage road. Crews may have the capability to implement this traffic plan sooner than the advertised date, so please be on the lookout for traffic control signage. This configuration will be in place for approximately 6 weeks. Area residents will receive another notification prior to the completion of this temporary access. Please see below for a list of neighborhood streets that will have modified access to FM 1485 and a map to reflect this temporary traffic switch.

Impacted Streets:

· Sam’s Hill Road
· Heights Boulevard
· Roadway Lane
· Ada Lane
· Dorston Drive
· Edmonson
· Almarie Drive
· Marella Drive
· Peach Drive
· Dorothy Lane
· Pine Drive

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  1. Michael

    I hate this damn thing…. I cheered when the state officially cancelled The Grand Parkway, but now the damn thing is back and developers are going hog-wild buying up tracts of forest land and subdividing it all into little bitty lots! Not to mention screwing over existing homeowners and old established neighborhoods left and right in their rush to get filthy rich… it ain’t right. Ask me how I know! 😐

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you think development is a good thing then please come buy my house so I can move away from this cursed place and then you can enjoy living next to a new development that floods this entire place yearly now…. What no takers still? Damn! 🙁

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