Wednesday, February 21, 2024



By Wayne Mack

Have you ever been told? “Well, it’s just one of those things, it’s more than that, when you have to carry it around with you in here” — said John Wayne In the movie “The Quiet Man” in 1952.

I am so thankful we have a promise that we can “…cast all OUR cares upon HIM, because HE cares for us” I Peter 5:7

Don’t carry it, cast it to HIM, but you will have to let go of it first….. you can not cast something and continue to hold on to it, at the same time. If you don’t first let it go. So whatever you have been carrying or holding on to….., whether it is hurt, unforgiveness, failure, bitterness, sickness, sadness, the overwhelming feeling of dread, or a what if?  Let it go….. and cast it to Him, because he cares for and loves you. Just let it go……….. and LET GOD…. HE can carry it for you… so please let go and let God, because HE cares for you!!! Do not accept “well it is just one of those things”. AMEN!!

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