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New Year’s Resolution in Four Words

By Wayne Mack


It’s that time of year when we talk about our New Year’s resolutions. For me personally, 2018 was just an extraordinary and exciting year.  It was my 10th anniversary of being cancer free and cured, after being informed by doctors that they would never “tell me I was cured or in remission.” I have had several wonderful opportunities to speak at events, conferences and churches, to share our new book The Directed Path, Using God Compass as well as the privilege and honor of serving our community daily in a leadership role as a Judge. I enjoy helping people every day.

Many years ago, a friend and life coach Steve Scott shared with me some profound ideas that I have passed along in many of my speeches, or even just talking one on one with people.  They help when we are seeking more direction in our lives, greater success, better relationships and true happiness.

These are four profound words strung together which are actually very simple, but will ensure your 2019 is an extraordinary year. They are:


No matter what life issue you are facing, these four words can change any part of your personal life and career. If you desire a greater relationship with your wife, husband, children or friends…. just do “A Little Bit More.”  This may require you to do some self evaluation to know what exactly that is. During this season of gift giving and presents, the greatest gift you can give your friends and family is your presence by putting down the phone or shutting off the TV and just being there, with your presence, making your loved ones the priority. Reflecting on my childhood, many of my greatest memories are when my family was just present and we were enjoying time together,

In your career if you’re doing just enough to get paid or get by, try doing “A Little Bit More” by investing in yourself, by improving or perfecting your skills in your current career field or your desired career path. Read, study, lead and do what is right, even when no one is looking.

For your physical and mental health, if you work-out once a month, try exercising once a week and when you master that, then twice or three times a week by going on a walk or at the gym.

Recently in my Court, a school administrator shared something with a student and their parent who were standing before me that was meaningful and thought provoking. She stated that studies show for a child to learn to how to overcome the negatives of life and be self confident, that child must experience at least 8 to 12 minutes a day of someone affirming them.  So, in her household the first three minutes of everyday when she wakes her children to start their day, they hear nothing but positive words of encouragement. When they return home from school or work, no matter what good or bad has happened, they hear only how great they are for the first three minutes. The last interaction with her children at night is a positive recap of the day, their blessings and how proud she is of them. Just nine minutes a day is her goal and with that, she is doing just “A Little Bit More.”  She revealed it has totally changed the environment of her home.

Can you begin to imagine the impact it would have on our world and society if we could focus just nine minutes a day on how wonderfully blessed we truly are and to know that our friends and family believe in us?

Anyone can be a critic or negative.  Sometimes it’s the easiest thing to do; it requires little effort on our part. But I want to challenge you to be a world changer and make it your New Year resolution to do a “A Little Bit More” and your New Year will be extraordinary.

Happy New Year. God bless you and your family in 2019.

By Wayne L. Mack

Author of The Directed Path, Using God’s Compass.  

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