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By Wayne Mack

“Have you ever witnessed  an  eclipse?  The first  eclipse  I  observed  was  in March, 1978.  I was in seventh grade and it was during school. I remember looking out the big classroom windows at a beautiful crisp morning, when all of a sudden, this eerie darkness began to grow.  My grandfather was a local dairy farmer and he told us that although the cows had just been milked, they began to come back to the barn.  It wasn’t because it was time to be milked again, but because they are subject to light and to darkness, and when darkness came, it confused all of creation.

When  the  Lord  saves  you,  He  fills  you  with  His  Holy  Spirit.    God does not eradicate your human nature.  He doesn’t kill the wolves, coyotes,  and  the  predators  of  the  night,  or  the  works  of  the  flesh.  But when the glory of His gospel and the light of His love, His grace, and His mercy begin to shine in your life,  the creatures of the night have to go to sleep; the lying spirit has to lay  down;  the  lusts  of  the  flesh  have  to  leave;  doubt,  fear,  unbelief, condemnation, all go to sleep when the light of God’s glory and his purpose comes into your life.

This is what happens when you have the courage to stand in the light.  All the dark things must go away, automatically.  “Greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the  world.”  —John  4:4    Your  spirit  only  responds  to  light  and  to darkness;  it  doesn’t  matter  what  time  it  is;  it  doesn’t  matter  how long you’ve been in church.  The creatures of the night, the fallen man, only respond to light and darkness. The apostle Paul taught that things may not be unlawful; they may not be illegal; but they may not be expedient to the gospel.

When you pick up bad habits, and they begin to circle and go into the orbit of your life, they can come between you and the light.  This is when a spiritual eclipse occurs.  The light doesn’t quit shining, but something has come between God and you, and shadows are able to enter.

When I see some of the terrible decisions people make, I wonder, “What were you thinking?” I  question  how someone can do such things.  Many times, these are people who have allowed the creatures  of  the  night  to  stalk  their  souls.   They  have  lost  the ability to live in the clarity and strength of the light.  Their souls have experienced a spiritual eclipse. For every man, woman, and child, the body is subject to time, but your spirit is only subject to light and to darkness.”

Today, as a nation, we are all going to experience a natural solar eclipse. My prayer is that the glory, purpose, power of God’s light and love shines on all of us, and no matter what the world does around us, we are never in darkness, because of a spiritual eclipse. Shine on us all Oh Lord with your wonderful Light…….


(Excerpt from “The Directed Path” by Wayne Mack to be released fall 2017)
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