Sunday, May 28, 2023


What is your “If only”?

By Wayne Mack

There are so many people that play the “if only game”. If only________! if only I had more money. If only I was skinnier. If only I was prettier. If only I prayed more. If only I read my Bible more. If only I had a better childhood, if only that would have not happened to me… if only I had more time……. If only _____ , whatever we choose to put in that blank can be the biggest lie that our mind, our fallen nature and the enemy of our souls tells¬†us. There are NO “if only ” with God. There is just IF.

If you will believe, if you will trust, if you will stand on His word. If you will accept his purpose His power in HIS plan, Grace,,Mercy and Forgiveness. IF MY PEOPLE WHICH ARE CALLED MY NAME, and will humble themselves and pray and TURN FROM their wicked ways…,then.. I WILL HEAL their LAND…… IF you will, HE WILL… Obedience is the key that unlocks the doors to all your Destiny. Do not let an “IF ONLY______.” Keep you from that.

You are the only one that chooses to be a victim or be of victor. He said “whosoever will let them come unto him and find rest”, HE also said “believe on me as the scripture has said and from your belly shall flow rivers of Living Water.” He doesn’t say if only. He said just obey and I will do it. Quit walking in the Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda world of IF ONLY….. And walk in HIS perfect purpose, power and the plan. Your potential and destiny is not inhibited by what you think your IF ONLY might be. Stop living that lie. Learn to walk in the abundance of Who’s You Are and who you belong to. No matter what your circumstance or situation is today tomorrow, next week or next year, HE is still the Kings of kings and Lord of lords and if you will, HE will. Amen!!!
(Thanks to Danille Delgado for giving me the “if only” thought)


About author: Judge Mack is an author, guest columnist and motivational speaker that is determine to Make A Difference everyday. Contact him at [email protected]
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