May 28, 2022 9:28 pm



Monday afternoon Texas Forest Service had a spotter plane over Montgomery County. Shortly after 3:30 p.m. the pilot reported three separate areas of smoke coming out of the woods in the area bounded by Old Highway 105, Emerson Estates and Highline Drive. Cut and Shoot Fire Department was dispatched and immediately called for additional help from Caney Creek and North Montgomery County Fire Departments. In addition they called for a bulldozer from the Texas Forest Service.

After several hours of attempting to gain access to the fire in the very heavy underbrush the fire was brought under control. Several homes and structures were in the path of the fire but saved by firefighters. One shed was lost.

People in that area will most likely see smoke for the next few days as the it continues to smolder. A line was cut around the frie by the dozer to prevent any spread.

Today fire crews are responding to multiple illegal fires. Any outside fire at this point is illegal. The rain we had a few days ago did not even attempt to replace the at least seven inches it would take to bring us out of the fire danger.

With the burn ban in effect you could be fined up to $500 for burning.

If you see a neighbor burning, be a good neighbor and let them know there is a burn ban in effect, If they do not extinguish the fire then call the fire department.  Many people are seeing smoke or fire and immediately calling the fire department, for them to extinguish it. Most fires they arrive on the homeowner didn’t realized the ban was in place.

With fire equipment responding to an illegal burn it puts firefighters in danger going to the scene. It also takes several men and pieces of equipment out of service to respond. If a house fire should be dispatched after it would be another station that would respond causing possibly some delays.