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022813 FM2090 MVA DWI.Still001The Montgomery County DWI Task Force conducted several enforcement efforts this weekend and in the last few weeks. The efforts partially were the result of several fatal crashes in Montgomery County in November and December where underage individuals were killed in impaired driving car crashes. The Montgomery County DA’s No Refusal Team has been working closely with the TABC, Conroe Police Department, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and the Department of Public Safety to apprehend DWI suspects and investigate establishments serving underage individuals. Enforcement efforts will continue this week and next week due to Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day, and the rodeo. DWI and crashes typically increase by about 20% during this time period.
In separate enforcement efforts unique to Montgomery County, individuals were arrested for providing alcohol to underage persons. The Montgomery County DAO is leading the way with post fatal crash investigations to not only hold the impaired driver accountable, but also the people who broke the law and provided alcohol to the drunk driver.
For example, the Conroe Police Department responded to a fatal crash last year where an innocent victim was killed by a drunk driver. Jesse Arellano was filed on for Intoxication Manslaughter out of that crash. Conroe PD officers continued the investigation and learned that Arrellano purchased his alcohol at an unlicensed premises in Conroe. Officers learned that this location sold alcohol to any individual regardless of their age and also sold at any hour of the day or night. After an undercover operation, Maribel Arrasquito-Vasquez was arrested for selling liquor without a license. Her house was raided pursuant to a search warrant and officers seized about 1,000 cans of beer which were ready for distribution to anybody willing to pay. Please contact that agency for specific information.
In another operation, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) continued their investigations into fatal crashes late last year. The investigations are concluding resulting in warrants being issued for individuals who served alcohol to teenagers after it was learned from witnesses that these suspects held events where the teens were provided alcohol illegally. These liquor violations resulted in fatal crashes involving teen victims. Please contact DPS for specific information.
Lastly, with Spring Break approaching, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has begun undercover investigations into business establishments selling liquor to underage individuals. The TABC investigation sent an undercover 15 year old girl into establishments to see if the business would sell the
minor alcohol. During the early stages of the investigation, at least 4 individuals were detained for selling to the 15 year old. The undercover minor presented her real ID card which identified her as being 15 and she was told to answer any questions about her age truthfully if asked. The first night of the operation focused on the Interstate 69 corridor while the second focused on the Interstate 45 corridor. Contact TABC for specific details.
In addition, area law enforcement will be on the roads in large numbers this weekend and the next due to the rise in DWI crimes and fatal crashes during March. DPS troopers will focus DWI patrols in high-risk locations at times when alcohol-related crashes are most frequent. The enhanced patrols that target intoxicated drivers are funded through a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation. Other agencies will also increase DWI patrols in Montgomery County and statewide. Working closely with law enforcement, the No Refusal Team, courtesy of funds provided by the Texas Department of Transportation, will have judges and nurses available to draft blood warrants for those arrestees who refuse a voluntary blood sample. No Refusal operations will also be conducted not only in Harris and Galveston Counties but also in Fort Bend and Brazoria counties courtesy of a Houston Galveston Area Council TXDOT grant. Montgomery County prosecutor Warren Diepraam is assisting those agencies with No Refusal operations. Tyler Dunman and Andrew James assist in the coordination of No Refusal efforts.
Diepraam stated that this weekend reveals that focusing on DWI during this month is important because there was one fatal crash and two felony Intoxication Assault cases in Montgomery County this weekend. In addition, 25 suspects were arrested for DWI with 6 No refusal warrants being drafted. Alcohol is suspected of playing a role in the fatal crash. Diepraam stated that too many drivers are not getting the message about the dangers of impaired driving. Diepraam points out that the cops will be looking out for impaired drivers and those individuals caught will face a greater risk of being arrested and of being convicted due to the No Refusal program. Diepraam also points out that being the “cool parent” and providing alcohol to kids may be seen as fun, but it is also criminal and, as we have seen too often, it has resulted in death. Diepraam states that any individual convicted of this crime faces a Class A Misdemeanor criminal conviction in addition to any civil liability. The names of those arrested are listed below. Please keep in mind that all people arrested are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


Madore, Stephan DWI 2nd

Jenkins, Kevin DWI 2nd " POM

Davis, Milton DWI 1st

Smith, Frankie Intoxication Assault

Weathers, James DWI 3+

Burks, Gregory DWI 1st

Moriarty, Anna DWI 1st

Cowart, Kimberly DWI 1st

Morton, Jeremy DWI 1st " FSGI

Templeman, Derek DWI 1st

Salinas, Jose PCS " DWI 1st

Arning, Amanda DWI 1st

Burke, John DWI 1st

Losley, Robert POM

Burns, Richard DWI 1st " UCW

Mcdougald,Trent DWI 1st

Jones, Justin DWI 1st Robles,

Jose DWI 1st

Guice, Richard DWI 1st

Ruiz, Humberto DWI 3+

Blanco, Steven DWLI " PDD " DWI 1st

Gonzalez, Javier DWI 2nd

Celso-Cuevas, Roberto DWI 1st

Garcia, Basillo Gatica DWI 3+

McElligott, Larry Charles DWI 3+

Maglio, Rocco DWI 1st

Faust, Nicholas Intoxication Assault " Intoxication Assault " FSRA " FSRA

Simpson, kenneth DWI 2nd " Resisting

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