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Just before dark on Christmas Day, Montgomery County Firefighters responded to a mobile home fire in the 17900 Block of Deer Glen Drive in the Country West Subdivision in East Montgomery County. After knocking down the flames, firefighters discovered the body of a female resident in the home’s bathroom.

Throughout the Christmas Holiday, Montgomery County Firefighters responded to a number of major incidents. Montgomery County Firefighters were dispatched to 112 emergency responses on Christmas Eve and 140 on Christmas Day. Incidents ranged from vehicle accidents to medical emergencies to home and business fires.

Some of the significant events included;

Christmas Eve

1:40 PM – 28800 Blk of Richard Kaye Ln, Magnolia – fire from a wood-burning stove damaged a home

6:02 PM – 13900 Blk of Sandchester Trail, Cut N Shoot – Chimney fire damaged home

7:02 PM – Chamberlain Ct, The Woodlands – Residential fire – minor damage to home

Christmas Day

5:30 AM – 37300 Blk Robin George – Magnolia – Fire in wall, under investigation, suspected electrical

12:25 PM – S. Trace Creek Ct, The Woodlands – Smoke / fire in attic – under investigation

5:24 PM – 17900 Blk Deer Glen West , Fatal mobile home fire, under investigation

10:40 PM – 13900 Blk Old Texaco Rd, Smoke / Hazmat in commercial building – under investigation

11:34 PM – 12700 Blk Capricornus, Willis – BBQ pit ignited fire on back deck, damage to rear of home

Many of these fires are preventable, but in all cases the number one thing that you can do to protect your family is to insure that your home has working smoke detectors. Nationwide surveys indicate that while most homes have at least one smoke detector, 1/3 will not function due to missing or dead batteries. You should install smoke detectors in every bedroom and hallway of your home. If you rent your home, State Law requires your landlord to install working smoke detectors in every bedroom and bedroom hallway, regardless of whether you rent an apartment, house or mobile home.

For more information on fire safety, please go to our website and download our “Christmas Newsletter” full of safety tips and information. You can also like us on Facebook at for weekly fire safety tips and events.

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