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Montgomery County is currently under Moderate Fire Danger with Western areas of the County hardest hit.

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Montgomery County and Surrounding Areas
Southeast Texas is experiencing moderate to high drought conditions. Several wildfires have occurred in Montgomery County with most damage limited to vegetation and outbuildings. Larger fires have occurred in the Northern and Western portions of the State. Although Montgomery County has not reached the same conditions as those areas, forecast conditions call for elevated fire danger to continue throughout the coming days.
Currently Montgomery County is experiencing moderate fire danger with our average Keetch-Byram Drought Index below 600. The current KBDI value by itself, would not normally warrant implementation of a ban, however other factors that contribute to the level of fire danger need to be taken into account during this extended dry spell.
Natural green-up of Spring grasses has led to a decreased fire danger in open fields, an area of concern over the past few months. A prolonged lack of significant rainfall however, has led to decreased levels of moisture in heavier fuels commonly found in wooded areas. These low levels of moisture found in fuels such as fallen limbs, trees and accumulated debris on the forest floor, has made those materials much more susceptible to fire than normal. A major area of concern is a class of fuels classified as 100 hr fuels.
The 100 hour fuel moisture value most closely represents conditions found in fallen limbs and brush in the 1 to 3 inch diameter, and can also be used as a rough estimate of the average moisture content in the top 4 inches of the forest floor, which is mostly made up of decaying wood and vegetation. During normal conditions these fuels are difficult to ignite, but during our extended drought, they are not only more likely to ignite, they have the potential to release much higher levels of energy due to their low moisture content.

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