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Last Minute Shoplifting 

Brittani Caroline Vallejo, 17, of Kingwood is charged with misdemeanor Theft.
Around 5:15 on Christmas Eve, a Precinct 4 Deputy Constable responded to the Porter Walmart on US 59 where store loss prevention officers had a shoplifter detained. An employee saw Vallejo place one Play Station 3 controller in her purse and another in a white Walmart bag along with a video game. Vallejo then walked through the store to the McDonald’s before attempting to leave the store. She was then apprehended. In her purse, officers also discovered several stolen cosmetic items.

Their bags didn’t contain presents…
Bradley Henderson, 44, of Cleveland is charged with state jail felony Possession of Marijuana.
On December 22, Precinct 4 Deputy Constables received information regarding the sale of marijuana at a residence on Pine Knott in Cleveland. Deputies went to the residence to talk with the suspect and, in plain view, saw marijuana and rolling papers inside the residence. Marijuana was also found in the bedroom, as well as two bags containing cash. Outside, they discovered one lunch bag containing scales and more marijuana and a second lunch bag containing a large plastic bag with still more marijuana, a scale and small plastic bags inside. Henderson admitted ownership of the contraband. The total weight of the marijuana was 4.7 ounces.


MEDILLIN,SYLVIASylvia None Medillin, 44, of Porter is charged with misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana.
A Precinct 4 Deputy Constable arrested Medillin just after midnight on December 24 at the El Canton bar on Sorters Road. Medillin’s minivan was parked next to the front door with a plastic bag containing marijuana in plain view inside the vehicle. She admitted driving the van with no passengers and owning all its contents.

Robert David Edwards, 41, of Cleveland is charged with misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana.


Around 6:30 p.m. on December 22, Precinct 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden conducted a routine traffic stop on a purple 1996 Honda Accord for a violation in the 11300 block of Fostoria Road and discovered a strong odor of raw marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The driver, Robert Edwards, also appeared very nervous. Constable Hayden obtained consent to search the vehicle and discovered a plastic bag containing 2.16 ounces of marijuana under the front passenger seat.


The drugs weren’t camouflaged
TAYLOR.ANTHONYAnthony Douglas Taylor, 30, of Porter is charged with misdemeanor Possession of a Controlled Substance and six outstanding JP4 warrants.
Just before midnight on December 22, a Pct. 4 Deputy Constable conducted a traffic stop on a Dodge pickup on FM 1485 near Baptist Encampment. The driver, Taylor, had a suspended license and a check of his identification through dispatch confirmed six outstanding JP4 warrants. The deputy took Taylor into custody. As he conducted an inventory of the vehicle, the deputy found a camouflage jacket containing several Diazepam pills.


No Mr. Nice Guy

GREGORY.RANDALLRandall Cain Gregory, 28, of Porter is charged with third-degree felony Assault Causes Bodily Injury/Family Violence Enhanced (2 or more within 12 months).
Pct. 4 Deputies arrested Gregory at his residence on FM 1314 around 10:45 p.m. on December 28. He is currently on probation for Driving While Intoxicated, 3rd or More (March 2011) and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by Felon (August 2011).

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