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The Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce met Tuesday for lunch at the Humble Civic Center. During the luncheon several public servants were honored botth in Harris County and Montgomery County. IMGA0644

  Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable Kevin Sapp who has been with the department for 14 months. He is a part-time deputy doing full-time work.

Most recently while on duty, Deputy Sapp conducted a traffic stop. The subjects in the vehicle were identified as two well-known drug users from the area. The individuals fled the scene and sixteen hours later Deputy Sapp apprehended them in a Humble hotel along with additional subjects. Deputy Sapp’s determination and hard work led to the arrest of seven individuals.


Montgomery Co9unty Sheriff’s Department Deputy Donna Rippley was commended for her excellent work and dilligence in performing her duties. Deputy Rippley was given several tasks including R.A.D. training to citizens. Rape Aggression Defense for Women, and the proper installation of child safety seats. Deputy Rippley took these assignments and completed them with vigor and positive feedback from the citizens that she has taught.

Deputy Rippley was also given a tip in reference to an auto theft investigation and with the assistance of Auto Theft Detectives they were able to put the suspect in prison for 50 years as a result of the iniative to make a good case for the District Attorney’s Office.


IMGA0648 Brandon Frazier with the Porter Fire Department went through the first academy taught by Lone Star College System in Porter. He was a quiet but rock solid student. He performed well physically and excelled academically. He was key in assisting those less talented than he. He was hired by the Porter Fire Department in January 2009. Since he was hired he has been hard to hold back. Brandon completed training to become an EMT Intermediate, SPR Instructor, TCFP Driver/Pumper Operator, TCFP Fire Investigator and certified in Advanced Swift Water Rescue. According to his department his officers sing his praises every day for his efforts on assembling and delivering quality training on shift and his high quality of work during emergency response.

Brandon is also a Reserve Deputy with Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden’s Office.


IMGA0650 Chief Jeff Taylor with New Caney Fire Department nominated Kyle Romagus as it’s “Firefighter of the Year” to the Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce. Kyle began his fire service career as a volunteer firefighter with the Splendora Fire Department in June 2004. In September 2006 he completed his Texas Fire Commission Certification at Lone Star College as a commissioned firefighter.

In November 2007 Kyle joined the duty crew of the New Caney Fire Department as a part-time firefighter. Since then he has furthered his fire service career as a full-time firefighter in November 2008, and presently serves as a Lieutenant for the New Caney Fire Department. Kyle is employed part-time with the Splendora Fire Volunteer Fire Department.

Lieutenant Romagus has additional firefighter related credentials and considers continuing education a very important priority for his fire service career development. His length of service and continued support to the fire department has made him a true asset to the organization. He is well respected  by his peers and his chief.

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