Thursday afternoon the Second Annual Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Annual Promotions and Awards Ceremony took place at the Convention Center. Sheriff Henderson did admit some of the guys looked a little scraggly with beards and partial beards but that part will be overlooked and them being allowed to grow beards will be done next October instead of November when the awards are. However, the cause was worth it. In support of cancer, Sheriff Henderson allowed each Deputy to make a minimum of $50 donation for cancer. That one move has already raised over $10,000. The awards ceremony is held each year to announce promotions and to honor deputies who have gone above and beyond.

Promotions were as follows:

East Montgomery County Patrol Division headed by Captain Melvin Franklin

David Borchardt was promoted to Sergeant

David Foreman was promoted to Sergeant

Moamen Abdelbaky was promoted to Detective

Jacob Erickson was promoted to Detective

Joshua Hilado was promoted to Detective

Stehanie Lee was promoted to Detective

Joshua Wroten was promoted to Detective

West Montgomery County Patrol Division headed by Captain Melvin Franklin

Kenneth Dunlap was promoted to Lieutenant

Dale Bible was promoted to Sergeant

Christopher Roberts was promoted to Sergeant

Margarito Rosales was promoted to Sergeant

Ryan Mathis was promoted to Detective

Shelby Yow was promoted to Detective

Woodlands Township Division headed by Captain Tim Holifield

Max Fruchtnicht was promoted to Detective

Jeffery Herman was promoted to Detective

Criminal Investigation Division headed by Captain Jimmy Malmay

Joshua Leal was promoted to Specialist

Scott Martin was promoted to Specialist

Rogelio Vargas III was promoted to Specialist

Executive Division headed by Captain Allison Allen

Courtney Mishoe was promoted to Registrar

Chana Woodrow was promoted to Open Records Specialist

Lee Knudsen was promoted to Specialist

Magdalena Moseley was promoted to Specialist

Tommy Smith was promoted to Specialist

Homeland Security Division headed by Captain Dammon Hall

Edward Fisher was promoted to Specialist

Wesley Sage was promoted to Specialist

Jail Division headed by Captain Andrew Eason

Mike Rogers was promoted to Lieutenant

Dennis Doerge was promoted to Deputy

Jason Uhler was promoted to Deputy

Law Enforcement Services Division headed by Captain Mac McKelvey

Jennifer Parker was promoted to Crime Analyst

The next thing on the agenda was the awards.

The Professional Awards went to:

Deputy Matthew McCord, is assigned to the Conroe Division of the DEA Aircraft unit. He is an observer/spotter. During the past year, he has been part of many large seizures including $4 million in cash, $2.6 million in assets, recovered 29 vehicles, assisted in 75 arrests. In addition, he has assisted in the confiscation of 295 kilos of Cocaine, 15 kilos of Chania White Heroin, 225 pounds of marijuana, 39 kilos of Black Tar Heroin, 311 kilos of Meth, 4 kilos of Fentanyl. Assisted in recovering 30 guns, 5 AR-15’s and 10,000 rounds of 556 ammunition and 1 grenade launcher.

Deputy Clifford Wood and Detective Sergeant Crystal Badeaux were recognized after Wood, who works in the jail was approached by an inmate who said he overheard another inmate talking on the phone about a murder. Wood was able to find the number in the phone logs and take it to his supervisor, Crystal Badeaux. MCSO Detectives were notified who then contacted the Houston Police Department. The inmate was tied to a murder where the person was killed and burned.

Sergeant J.P. Gonzales who was assigned to the West Patrol Division assisted in coordinating the Field Training Program, doing some of it on his own time. He was instrumental in training 21 new deputies over the period.

Detective Michael Lee, who is a new Detective was working a sexual assault case. In doing so he saw several in Harris County with the same vehicle and similar assaults. Working with Harris County Detectives he was able to file on the suspect and jail him.

Accountable Award went to Clerk Deborah Thomas while auditing Dash Cam Video was able to spot something which if not seen would have lost important case information.

Compassionate Award went to:

Lieutenant Felicia Webb, who works in the jail had an inmate request form sent in on her from at least 20 inmates thanking her for the changes for the better she had made in the jail in the food, recreational program and commissary she had made. Another was then sent by 25 inmates thanking her for making healthier choices available in the commissary.

Deputy Christopher Rose

Specialist Scott Martin, assisted a citizen in finding her runaway child. Martin worked much of it on his own time and was able to return the child home.

On January 30, 2018, Deputy Steven McDonald responded to a welfare check at a Valero on Sawdust Road. He discovered an elderly man who had become lost after returning from a store in Prairie View. Being quite cold outside and the man not having family and with issues of seeing in the dark, Mcdonald assisted. After locking the elderly male’s vehicle up, he took him to a nearby hotel and purchased a room for the man since the elderly male had no money.

Lieutenant Scott Spencer, Manager Michelle Wallace, Supervisor Kim Mayfield, Sergeant Mike Evans, Specialist Steve Squier, and Technician Mike Manning were recognized for the efforts during the Christmas 2017 Blue Elf Program. The effort of these six was able to get toys to close to 7000 children at Christmas. The Blue Elf Program is running again this year and they are hoping the Community comes together with donations to put smiles on more than the 7000 children last year.

On May 5, 2018, Lieutenant Joe Senn, Sergeant Willie Kendrick, Sargeant David Bochardt Deputy Chris Azwell, Deputy Justin Painter, and Deputy Dennis Doerge along with several other First Responder held their annual Sharing is Caring Food Drive to benefit Mission Northwest. They were able to collect 21,000 pounds of non-perishable food and over $21,300 in cash for the benefit.

Life-Saving Award

On October 23, 2017, Deputy Dominic Trevino and Deputy Michael Berry responded to an apartment fire on Tanglebrush Drive in South Montgomery County, they arrived with heavy smoke and fire visible. residents were hanging out the window of the apartment on fire. The deputies caught these persons as they dropped and then assisted in evacuating the remainder of the residents.

On August 13, 2017, Deputy Corey Brummett was dispatched to a welfare check in Magnolia. He arrived to discover a 2-year-old child was found at the bottom of the pool and was purple and non-responsive. Deputy Brummett immediately took over CPR and when EMS arrived the child was taken to Texas Children’s where she recovered.

On November 10, 2017, while Investigator Lance Holden was on vacation with his daughter at Hamilton Springs in Central Texas, he spotted a male in the water in distress. He and another person immediately went into the water after the man, pulling him to safety. By doing CPR the man was alert by the time fire and EMS arrived.

Chaplin Jake Gonzales and Specialist Steve Squier were in a Montgomery County Citizens Academy class when one of the male students suffered a heart attack. While doing chest compressions an AED was used a pulse returned and the victim began breathing on his own.

Lieutenant Clay Swilling had been eating with his family at Salt Grass Restaurant when a man suffered a heart attack. Swilling immediately started CPR and Deputy Zach Vercher who was responding to the call assisted Swilling until medical personnel was able to take over. The man made a complete recovery.

In December 2017, Deputy Zac Winford and Deputy Lee Knudsen responded to a vehicle which had driven into Lake Conroe and was sinking. They arrived to find a man on a fishing boat trying to help the woman. That man came to shore an picked up the deputies who were then able to rescue the woman through the car window before the car went under.

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