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District 3 – Lt. Joe Senn (East County)

On July 18, Deputy Frey was dispatched to the 19400 block of Trail Oak Drive, for a disturbance in progress. Upon arrival, they met with a female who advised a 31-year-old male was on location and was told to leave several times, but refused. The 31-year-old male showed to have a protective order against him not allowing him within 200 yards of the residence. The male was placed under arrest and charged with violation of a protective order.

On July 19, Deputy Kelman was dispatched to the Porter Walmart, for a theft in progress. Upon arrival, it was learned a 44-year-old female had concealed numerous items in her purse and then attempted to leave the store without paying for those items. When the female was asked to step back into the store by loss prevention, she fled into the parking lot into a waiting vehicle. The vehicle was stopped and the 44-year-old female detained. The female was arrested for felony theft, due to several prior theft convictions.

On July 20, Deputy Bartoskewitz was dispatched to the 25300 block of Collette Street, for a disturbance call. Upon arrival, it was found a 32-year-old male and his father were fighting. It was learned the 32-year-old male was trying to fight someone else, when his father stepped in and tried to calm him down. The 32-year-old male was arrested for assault and transported to jail. An outstanding warrant for his arrest was also found.

On July 20, Deputy Ochoa was dispatched to the Home Depot store, in Porter, for three shoplifters. Upon arriving, the three suspects were found trying to leave and were then detained. A 47-year-old male, a 43-year-old female, and a 22-year-old female were then identified. It was discovered the 47-year-old male and the 43-year-old female selected approximately $230.00 worth of merchandise and left the store without paying. They then transferred the stolen merchandise to the 22-year-old female who returned inside the store attempting to return the merchandise. All three were then taken into custody for theft and taken to jail. It was later learned the 47-year-old male and 43-year-old female had several convictions for theft and therefore their charge was upgraded to a felony.

On July 21, Deputy Ochoa was dispatched to the 24300 block of Ford Road, in reference a male walking around with a brick in his hand. Upon arrival, the male was found stumbling around and incoherent. The male was arrested for public intoxication and transported to jail.

On July 21, Deputy Cooke was dispatched to the 22500 block of Ford Road, for and assault call. Upon arrival, it was learned a father and his 18-year-old son were arguing over the 18 year old’s behavior. During the argument, the 18-year-old would not calm down and did threaten his father. The 18-year-old was taken into custody, transported to jail, and charged with assault by threat.

On July 21, Deputy Gallagher was dispatched to the 22500 block of Ford Road, for an assault call. Upon arrival, the deputy discovered a female and her 23-year-old boyfriend had an argument. It was learned during the argument; the male did grab the female forcefully by her arm which offended her due to being pregnant. The 23-year-old male was taken into custody for assault by contact and transported to jail.

On July 22, Deputy Kelman and Smith were dispatched to a fraud call in the 15800 block of Williamson Road. Upon arrival, it was learned a 28-year-old male and a 27-year-old female were attempting to print fake money off their computer. The male and female were detained and deputies noticed numerous items showing they were attempting to print fake money. Detectives were called to the scene and later arrested the 28-year-old male for forgery.

On July 23, Deputy Evans was dispatched to the 20400 block of Loop 494, for a motor vehicle crash. Upon arriving, it was learned a 35-year-old male had fallen asleep behind the wheel while in a turn lane waiting for the red light. Another driver attempted to wake the male, and when the male awoke, he was startled and suddenly drove forward rear-ending the vehicle in front of him. The male then drove into a nearby parking lot where he struck a parked vehicle (unoccupied).

The male appeared to have been under the influence and a field sobriety investigation began. The 35-year-old male was later arrested for driving while intoxicated and transported to jail. Once at the jail, it was learned the male had prior convictions for this same charge making this a felony case. A warrant was then obtained for a blood draw and a blood specimen was taken.

On July 23, Deputy White was dispatched to the 21800 block of Valley Ranch, for an assault call. Upon arrival, it was discovered a 20-year-old male had assaulted his 17-year-old brother over an issue with the clothes dryer. The 17-year-old had obvious signs of injury and the 20-year-old was then arrested and charged with assault.

Four other people were arrested for outstanding warrants.

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