More bad luck for Conroe store

CONROE- A bizarre incident closed a Conroe business all day Saturday, and unconvinced surrounding businesses and residents. To make matters worse, it was not the first unlikely occurrence at the location.

A Conroe Police officer was in a nearby parking lot when he saw a power pole fall into the parking lot of the Frazier Mart on South Frazier at York Street, pulling down two more poles with it. The transformers began draining oil into a storm drain.

Conroe Police and the Conroe Fire Department responded, followed by Entergy crews, shutting down York Street on both sides of South Frazier throughout the afternoon while repairs were made. Repairmen continued their work, despite torrential rains and lightning.

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In March 2005, Frazier Mart made headlines when a pickup truck struck a gas pump in use by a customer, causing the pump to explode, and shutting down the store for the remainder of that Saturday evening and the entire next day.

In the first incident, store owner Suresh Baboo lost not only sales, but a gas pump with an estimated value of $100,000. On Saturday, however, his business was spared and only Entergy’s property was damaged.