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more looking at adrian heath for county judge


A few weeks most thought ago Alan Sadler would win by a landslide, but but are now finding out that a lot of loyal Republicans have kept up with his issues in the local paper this past year and are NOT voting for him.  Drunk driving CLICK HERE , his personal financial dealings (failure to pay taxes) CLICK HERE, and his support for legalizing casino gambling in Texas CLICK HERE is turning a lot of people off,. Also there could be a major conflict of interest if he owns properties in Galveston with unpaid back taxes, and promoting the idea of casino gambling there. Click here for the Resolution re:Casino Gambling sent to the state legislators in 2009. Sadler and all 4 County Commissioners signed this resolution!!!

Adrian Heath has never been convicted of stealing! He sold tires when he was a teenager – so what’s wrong with that?  He’s presently between jobs because he’s taken some time off to run for this position. –I really don’t like deceptive campaigning and I’m ashamed that our County Judge would stoop to so something this low. 

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  1. Hey ScratchYourHead,

    Come to my house and see my library will ya!

    Also, Please don’t fall for the disinformation of the chief boot lickers for the establishment over at courier.

    I have a GED and some college. So what. Sadler has an alleged education that he does not use. His fiscal decisions are appalling just like Washington. Maybe you should call me – 832-978-1602 – if I win you over then i hope you will spread the word.

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