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More scattered downpours expected Friday

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Another round of scattered downpours will develop Friday, but there will be some key differences compared to what hit us on Thursday.

We will stay mostly cloudy and rain-cooled Friday. Most areas will see high temperatures stay below 90 degrees.

The storm front that brought Thursday’s rain will be right overhead, so it will only take a little bit of heating from the sun to get the thunderstorms to form. Initially, these storms will form near the coast, then spread north into Houston. The majority of the storm activity in and around Houston will occur in the early afternoon.

This earlier start to the rain means it won’t get as hot as it did Thursday, and if it doesn’t get as hot, that means the storms won’t be as intense. That said, these will be slow-moving downpours, so a quick 1″ to 2″ of rain will be possible leading to isolated street flooding.

What’s in store for the weekend?

More scattered downpours! The coverage will be low than Friday, and the storms will form later in the day after temperatures heat up into the lower 90s. Your chance of rain both days is at 40%. This rain will be associated with tropical moisture from the disturbance pushing through the Bay of Campeche.

What’s this I hear about even more rain next week?

So you’ve heard! All that tropical moisture will collide with a developing low-pressure system that will sit and spin over Texas for most of next week. This low-pressure system has the potential to bring widespread drought-relieving rains to Texas. Several inches of rain are possible over the week, and flash flooding will be possible in parts of the state.

Is there anything to watch in the tropics?

We are monitoring a tropical disturbance that will be over the Bay of Campeche Friday. From there it could spin up into a tropical depression or storm before moving into Mexico or Texas this weekend. The Hurricane Hunters are scheduled to investigate it if necessary. For the very latest check out our daily tropical update.

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