December 7, 2022 11:44 am

Posted: 30.9.2021 19:52


Hello friends, wherever you may be, in all US states all and countries worldwide. I need emails. I need emails sent to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, aka TDCJ. The self-entitled and self-important drunk “party girl”, Nicole Nadra Baukus is up for parole yet again. She is currently imprisoned in the Carol Young unit in Dickinson, Texas. She was given a 38-year sentence for killing my 18-year-old son, Travis Saunders, and his friend Nicole Adams. She also severely injured David Porras, the only survivor of the car she hit head-on. She consumed 21 shots and got in her Daddy’s truck and drove the wrong way on the feeder ( access road to non- Houstonians) and drove up the Tamina southbound exit lane northbound onto the southbound lanes of I-45 and drove northbound the wrong way in the southbound lanes. She hit the car that Nicole Adams, my son Travis and David were traveling in WHILE SOBER. She partially drove over the car they were in, killing Nicole Adams and my son Travis. David was injured and endured many surgeries for over a year afterward. Nicole Baukus pled guilty during trial and immediately began appealing her sentence and here we are, 9 years later, dealing with her still. So many unbelievable things have happened since the day of the crash, I don’t think I’ll be able to mention them all it.
Nicole Baukus, after pleading guilty and saying ON THE STAND that she should have died in the crash, not Travis or Nicole Adams, now attempts to blame anyone she can for the carnage she caused. It has been a ridiculous, drama-filled pot of nothing but BS and now she is up for parole again. There is so much more but there is not enough time or patience on my part to name all of the absurd allegations that her camp has lobbed at everyone around them.
I need letters or emails sent as to why she needs to serve her time and not be released on parole. Travis and Nicole Adams lost their lives. Travis was only 18 years old with his entire life ahead of him and she ripped that away from him and from his loved ones. Nicole Adams was in her early 20’s and her life was also taken because Baukus likes to drive drunk out of her mind also on Valium. David will live with the memories of this nightmare for the rest of his life but Baukus thinks she deserves to be free just because she is so special in her own head that she should never be bothered with the effects of what she and only she has caused. She has served only 8 years. She has not once owned what she did or shown any remorse. She was sentenced to 38 years. 15 years each for the deaths of my son and Nicole Adams and 8 years for the Intoxication assault on David Porras. She needs to serve ALL of her time or as much as possible. My son is in the cemetery and serving 8 years for what she caused is not nearly enough!!!
Here is the email address to TDCJ and Nicole Baukus TDCJ # 01883066. PLEASE type her name, NICOLE NADRA BAUKUS TDCJ# 01883066 in the subject line of the email and send to:
Mailing address: TDCJ 8712 Shoal Creek Blvd Ste 265 Austin, Texas 78757
Fax: 512 452 0825
With all of my heart, I thank anyone who takes the time to send an email, letter, or fax. This is very important.
I will post the story for everyone who hasn’t read it so that you can more familiarize yourself with the details. Youtube has her videos drunk at the bar before the crash. Search Nicole Baukus bar.
Thank you, everyone.

Interstate 45 remains closed southbound with traffic backed up beyond the south loop.

Just after 3 a.m. this morning Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office dispatchers received a  call for a Ford pickup traveling north on the southbound feeder neat Outback in Shenandoah. Shenandoah Police immediately started looking for it. It was moments later a wrecker driver notified dispatchers that they needed to cancel the attempt to locate as the truck just hit a car on the main lanes of Interstate 45 just over SH 242.

Needham Fire Department and MCHD responded to the call. When they arrived they found Nicole Nadra Baukus, 23, of Spring in her Ford truck in stable condition. They also found three people in the silver vehicle. The driver Nicole Elizabeth Adams, 19, of Conroe was deceased. Her right rear passenger who has not yet been identified was deceased and the front seat passenger was in critical condition.

DPS spent most of the early morning hours investigating the crash that was covering all the southbound lanes of the freeway.

Some vehicles were able to move out of the way of the oncoming Ford truck going the wrong way driven by Baukus.

Part of the investigation included moving the vehicles to the impact position to photograph them. Needham Fire Department assisted with a ladder truck to allow Trooper Chapman to get some overhead shots.

Warren Diepraam with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office also assisted in the investigation. Currently, they are awaiting blood results on Baukus.

The freeway is expected to open by 10 am but will take some time for residual traffic to clear.