Sunday, May 28, 2023


UPDATE 6/4/20-3PM-The driver of the motorcycle, Raymond Raul Sanchez Planas, 32, a welder from Conroe passed away early Thursday morning. H leaves behind three small children. His passenger Neftali Ariel Pinzon Ramirez, 26, has been released from the hospital. Charges of accident involving serious bodily injury or death are now being filed on Bell. Those charges could be upgraded to intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault. At this time he remains in the Wharton County Jail on DWI 2nd and evading arrest. These when he fled from a State Trooper in Warton early Wednesday morning.

update 6/3/20 -6AM-Jeff Taylor Bell wanted int he hit and run crash that critically injured two on a motorcycle in Grangerland Tuesday evening is in custody. DPS in Wharton, Texas attempted to stop the vehicle and he fled. After a pursuit, he was taken into custody and charged with evading arrest and DWI.

Just before 8 pm, a Suzuki GSX motorcycle was east on FM 3083 just past FM 2090. A gray 4-door Honda cut through the parking lot of the Grangerland Shopping Center and pulled out in front of the motorcycle striking it. The driver and his female passenger both went down. The rider and passenger came off the motorcycle, sliding across the pavement. The motorcycle driver slid over 50-feet then slammed into a dump trailer attached to a truck that was fueling at the Exxon gas station at the corner of Gulf Coast and FM 3083. His female passenger slid close to 100-feet, through the intersection and to the fence of the Graingers property. The male was transported to Conroe Regional in critical condition. His passenger is now stable. The driver of the Honda stopped, got out of the vehicle. After seeing the carnage he got back in his vehicle and fled the scene. Precinct 2 Deputy Constable Smith arrived on the scene and immediately put out an attempt to locate on the suspect. The front bumper of his newly acquired vehicle lay in the intersection complete with a license plate. Precinct 2 Constables Office worked the crash with the assistance of DPS and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office Vehicular Crimes Unit. The road reopened at 11:30 pm. No identification has been found on the victims and they are attempting to positively identify them. Papers show the 2014 Suzuki was just purchased.

The driver of the motorcycle remains in ICU in critical condition. The female passenger on the motorcycle has been released. Jason Smith with Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constables Office who is working the crash credits the leather riding gear and the helmets for saving them and reducing the injury.


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  1. Ooh! I didn’t know about this till just now, went thru that area Thursday afternoon had no idea this had happened Tuesday. Suxs!

    When riding on a motorcycle, I’ve learned you have to assume EVERYONE is out to run over you all the time and be prepared constantly to evade being run over! I’ve nearly been run over by vehicles on my Can-Am several times, from Cleveland all the way down to Kingwood other drivers have turned left right in front of me (illegal left turn not yielding) to not Yielding to me to suddenly at U-Turns under overpasses to moving over into my lane on top of me! It suxs. It’s made me an extremely Defensive Driver though even when I’m in my pickup truck I watch out far more than I used to.

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