Liberty County Sheriff’s Captain Billy Knox has updated the information on murder suspect Jose Marin Soriano. According to reliable information received by Investigators, Jose Soriano crossed over the border into Mexico shortly after the murder. The apprehension phase of this investigation has been turned over to the U.S. Marshal’s Office while working closely with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Investigators and the Mexican authorities. The investigation is on-going as Soriano’s whereabouts in Mexico are unknown at this time.





A frantic 911 call to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Dispatcher at approximately 6:12pm this evening by a female caller who said she was chained to a bed while her friend was killed in a car outside the residence on CR 3415, sent deputies to the scene where they found a female deceased in a burned-out vehicle across the road from the residence. The deputies also found another female chained at the ankle and a rope tied around her neck inside the house located in the Rancho San Vicente Sub-Division in north Liberty County.


Lead Sheriff’s Investigators Sean Mitchell and Ann Marie Mitchell began piecing the information together in the very early stages of the investigation after interviewing the female who had been chained to a bed. According to preliminary information, it appears that both women worked at cleaning  houses for 59 year old Jose Marin Soriano who lives at the residence on CR 3415. It is reported that Soriano had some revealing photos of the deceased female and he had told the victim that he would delete the photos if she would meet him at his home this evening. It is unknown if Soriano took the photos or if the deceased sent the photos to him at some point.


When the two women arrived at the home of Soriano, he allegedly pulled a gun and sexually assaulted the female chained to the bed. Evidently in an attempt to escape the house, the deceased female got into her vehicle and attempted to back out of the yard but the car crashed into the woods across the street from Soriano’s home. For some unknown reason the vehicle caught fire and the female was badly burned. However, Investigators said an obvious gunshot wound was found when the woman was later examined. It appears that in Soriano’s haste to stop the woman from leaving in her car, he left his cell phone in the house and it was his cell phone the rape victim used to call the Sheriff’s dispatcher.


From information gained at the scene it was found that Soriano fled the scene in a Gray Ford pick-up truck and it also appears that Soriano is armed and could be dangerous. Investigators consider him to be a public safety threat and he should not be approached until law enforcement has been notified.


The deceased female is not being identified until the next of kin has been notified. The female rape victim was taken by ground ambulance to a hospital for observation.

Pct. 6 Justice of the Peace Judge Ralph Fuller conducted the inquest and ordered an autopsy.


Investigators are asking anyone who may have information on the whereabouts of this person of interest, Jose Marin Soriano,  to contact the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office at (936) 336-4500 or the Multi-County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-392 STOP (7867). Anyone providing a Crime Stopper “tip” leading to the arrest of Soriano may be eligible for a cash reward and their identity will remain anonymous.


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  1. Michael

    The Plum Grove area never had any murders prior to Colony Ridge and it’s Colonias…. not all are bad people, but there’s still a LOT of bad people snatching up those little lots out there around us and that’s the problem. And we in the city suffer for the developer’s profits! 🙁

    Psycho couple tries to kill Splendora Police Officer, wanted child predator hiding out here found, murder, murder, murder, gunfire at all hours of the day and night… this is what we’re having to deal with out here in Plum Grove now. It’s pure Hell! We were a quiet little community so quiet we didn’t even need a single police officer in our city, now look at this mess.

    If this is not stopped soon, that developer will cover 1st the entirety of Liberty County with Colonias (Tarkington is next on his list I’m told) and then the entire state in time. He’s found a business model that works to make bookoos of money for him and his family, he won’t stop unless he is stopped. Just saying. Creating Colonias is not supposed to be a for profit business model if you read up on them and what they are!

    1. res

      I agree, this developer needs to be stopped. It’s not just “the locals are mad because they have new neighbors”, it’s truly a matter of public safety and threatens the sanctity of the community. Since this developer seems to actively market to people who are likely to be in this country unlawfully, it seems like it’s borderline aiding and abetting criminal activity.

      Public officials- y’all listening? We are tired of this…

  2. res

    You don’t say? Got a whole colony of illegals back there, who never should have been here in the first place. Thanks, Trey Harris… you have enriched our community greatly with your crime ridden developments.

  3. bbarr

    Imagine that……come to this country and game the system under the protection of the socialist democrats . Commit a heinous crime and then slither back to the crap hole from which he came long enough to hide out and let the Judicial system here lose him and then slither back later to milk us once again. And this is just one criminal, one case, in one community.

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