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Posted: 13.7.2011 10:31

Needham Fire RESCUE incident highlites from 01 july 2011 through 08 july 2011

On 07/01Needham Fire Rescue Engine 61was dispatched to the 10000 block of River Oaks Dr. to a residence for a medical call. Engine 61 arrived on scene to find a patient in full cardiac arrest. Needham personnel began CPR and turned over patient care to medic units. The patient was transported to a local hospital for further medical assessment.

On 07/01 Engine 61 was dispatched to a residence in the 29000 block of Elmwood Dr for a person in distress incident. Needham personnel entered the home to find an elderly male patient that was on the floor but physically could not get up. The patient was assisted off the floor and was assisted to his bed.

On 07/02 Several Needham units were dispatched to the I-45 NB Feeder at Ed English Dr. in Conroe to a motor vehicle accident with no injuries. Units arrived on location to a two car minor accident. Because there were no injuries Needham units were disregarded by the medic unit on location.

On 07/02 engine 61 was dispatched to SH 242 E & Donwick Dr in Conroe to a motor vehicle accident. Engine 61 was dispatched to meet Needham’s Fire Chief on location to find one dump truck on its side off the road. The driver was not injured but a patient assessment was performed and vitals were checked for EMS. Engine 61 remained on location for scene safety until the dump truck was placed back upright.

On 07/02 Engine 61, Rescue 61 and Needham’s Battalion Chief were dispatched to S. Trade Center Parkway at State Highway 242 & SH 242 to a motor vehicle accident with reported injuries. E61 and BC61 arrived on location with 2 cars minor to moderate damage. We had 4 patients 2 of which were refusals or no injuries from one vehicle. The 2 occupants of the second vehicle were both complaining of neck and back pain. We secured C-Spine and place C-Collars on both patients. Upon EMS and Rescue 61 arrival the male patient no longer wanted to go to the hospital and became a refusal. We assisted with patient packaging and loading of the female patient and handed over patient care to EMS. Engine 61 and Battalion Chief 61 remained on scene for a wash down of the scene and placed Rescue 61 back in service.

On 07/02Medical Response 61 was dispatched to the 18000 block of I-45 SB Feeder in Shenandoah, TX for a medical call. Law enforcement was on location assisting a 55 year old female patient complaining of heart problems. MR61 Needham personnel assisted with patient assessment and base line vitals. The patient was transported to a local hospital for further medical assessment.

On 07/03 MR 61 was dispatched to the 9800 block Yaupon Ridge Way in Conroe, TX to a medical call. MR 61 received a call for an unknown type medical call next door to the reporting party’s location. An Off Duty Needham Firefighter was performing basic EMS care on a 36 year old female when MR 61 arrived on location, who had ran into the side of her house and had a laceration above her right eye. MR61 crew began making patient contact and requested an MCHD medic unit to assist. MCHD arrived on location and Needham personnel assisted them with loading the patient into an ambulance for transport to a local hospital for further medical evaluation.

On 07/07 Needham’s Battalion Chief, Rescue 61 and Truck Unit 602 were dispatched to the 19000 block of I-45 NB Feeder in Shenandoah for a natural gas leak in a commercial building. Units arrived on scene at suite 725 where the call originated from. Personnel checked the store with the multi gas meter and had no readings. The second crew checked the rest of the suits in the complex 750, 752, and 700 and also had no readings. The second crew did however discover a pilot light out in a restaurant which was believed to be the source of the leak in suite 752. The gas company was notified by the Battalion Chief and requested service technicians to respond to further investigate the source of the leak.

On 07/08 Engine 61 was dispatched to the 16000 block of Bending Oaks Dr in Conroe. The incident was determined to be an unauthorized burn. Needham personnel made contact with the calling party who was a neighbor, and advised the unauthorized burn was behind his property on Bending Oaks. Personnel arrived at the reported address and found a small extinguished fire prior our arrival. The Fire Marshall’s office was requested to respond to the scene.

On 07/08 multiple Needham units were dispatched to the 16000 block of Bending Oaks DR for a second time that day. Units arrived on scene with a grass and woods fire threatening a structure. Needham units investigated and had to make forcible entry into the vacant mobile home due to a light haze of smoke inside. That crew had to knock a hole into the wall to check for extension. The mobile home did not become involved it just had smoke coming in from the fire that was burning underneath the mobile home. The fire was contained to the woods. No contact was made with the homeowner; no one answered the door. The fire Marshall’s office was requested to respond.

On 07/08 Multiple Needham Fire Rescue units were dispatched to a location on State Highway 242 E in Conroe, to a motor vehicle accident. TK61 arrived on location and blocked the right hand lane and shoulder. Truck 61 remained on scene to black traffic while law enforcement completed their investigation.

Needham Fire Rescue located at 9430 State Highway 242 East Conroe, Texas is a career fire department supported by volunteer firefighters serving south central Montgomery County, Texas.